Monday, August 18, 2014

Scallop Circle Flower Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome back!! My it has been a while!! I hope you have had a great summer!! A lot of kids have started back to school, which, for me, means ROUTINE!! Oh my have I ever missed you!!!
Well.. on with the show...
Today I am going to show you how to make a pretty flower using a simple scallop circle. You will need 2 sizes... within 1/2 inch of each other. In the example, I am using a 2 1/2  and a 2 inch scallop. This is perfect for punches or even to cut out with your Cameo or Cricut or other cutting tool.
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The tools you need are pictured below. You do NOT need to go run out and buy anything!! Use what you have.. improvise!! A sharpie cap works good as a stylus as does a crochet needle!! TRUST ME... I have used both!! You can use almost anything thin, round, and at least 4 inches to sculpt the petals!! The mat.. don't have one?? Use your mouse pad or a cheap piece of foam from Walmart!! I would suggest tho.. do NOT glue on your mat!! You will see the yukkies on mine in the pics. Use a Teflon pad or freezer paper. ( Amazon does sell the tools tho)
Part 1 : Tools and Prep
Part 2 :  Petals, Petals, Petals
Part 3: Alternate Those Petals
Part 4: Ta Da
So.. wasn't that SUPER easy??? Remember.. practice makes perfect!! Use liquid glue until you get the hang of alternating petals and NO TWO FLOWERS ARE EVER ALIKE!!  Nope!! You will see how yours improve as you practice!
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Thank you for stopping by!! I look forward to seeing the garden of beautiful flowers you all make!!