Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Mrs. Neuman

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
The past few months have been super busy and little time for blogging. Today, as promised, I am showing you the week of surprises for my son's teacher. Teachers work so hard to help our children "grow" and while I know I could never tell her enough how thankful I am for her, I hope she enjoyed the little gifts throughout the week.
For Monday we started small. I found a printable on Pinterest and LOVED it!! Who doesn't love EOS balm? You can find the printable here>> I should be mopping the floor blog by Kristi

For Tuesday's surprise, Colton wanted to make her a couple cards and wanted me to make her a yellow daisy. He worked really hard. It was hard for me to step back and let him put the crooked cut pieces on the card base crooked, but I know his teacher will love that HE did it himself.

I decided I wanted to make Mrs. Neuman her own set of note cards and envelopes. My goal this week was to make "useful" things instead of the same ole cups and shirts and apples. I searched Pinterest for a box type thing for some note cards and found Amy's blog stamp-n-paradise. She has a wonderful tutorial and with a few changes .. voila... I LOVE it!!

Colton INSISTED we get Mrs. Neuman her FAVORITE candy.. GOBSTOPPERS!! (you have to love the minds of lill boys) So.. I thought about it and went back to something I STRONGLY believe it.. PRESENTATION. I believe you can make the simplest of gifts stand out simply by the presentation. Whether it be a gorgeous bag or beautiful wrapping. I remembered I downloaded a book file from Silhouette called "  love stories 3d book gift card box" by Snapdragon Snippets. You can find the tutorial >> HERE . ( you DO have to have the file from Silhouette to go with this tutorial.)
Of course I wrapped the candy in some tissue paper and twine. Not only does she have some yummy candy, but a pretty box to store things.
We live in KY and the weather forecasted for the week is nothing short of HOT. We have been working outside quite a bit and Colton thought about getting her flowers. Well, he rides the bus so I suggested an alternative... how about a cute watering can with gloves, seeds, and a trowel and she can plant her own flowers with her children and watch them grow.  He LOVED it!!  So, we went shopping and this is what we did. I used my Silhouette and some vinyl to put the phrase on the back.
(oops.. sorry about the tape)

"Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever"
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed our lil surprises for Mrs. Neuman and could maybe use these wonderful links for your next project. Don't forget to THANK A TEACHER!! They are like 2nd mommies and daddies to our kiddos.
Big hugs...
Tanya & Colton


Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 18th Birthday to my sweet Candace

Happy 18th Birthday to my sweet daughter, Candace. 
I have so much I want to say, but sometimes I think too many words aren't  necessary. Candace, I LOVE you more than you will ever know. You have made me so proud to be your mom and I am excited to watch as your book of life gets filled with experiences, trials, and tribulations. I will be here when you need an ear when you are mad or aggravated. I will be here when you need a shoulder when it seems nothing is going as planned. I will be here when you need to tell someone some corny pick up line. The jist is simple.. I will ALWAYS be here. God helped me along the way and I trust that you will keep your faith in Him and he will help you as well.  ( be sure to scroll to the bottom to see some photos of Candace growing up. They truly show her bubbly personality)
This song is for you Candace.
Now.. over the gushy stuff and to the exciting stuff.
I worked over several days to make my daughter a banner. I LOVE how it turned out!!
Products Used:
Ribbon: Lovebug Creations ( sadly they no longer sell ribbon)
Designer Paper: DCWV ( The Garden Tea Party Stack)
Big flowers: Prima
small brown flowers: Recollections
Cardstock: Bazzill
Cuttle bug
leaves are punches
pink burlap
paper doilies
washi tape
letters cut using the Silhouette Cameo
I saw this saying on Pinterest and HAD to make Candace a shirt. She has so much personality it dazzles like glitter!!

Shirt: Michaels
Of course.. what's a birthday without a card?? During my pinterest search I ran across a card similar made by a sweet lady named Carole. Of course I wanted to see more so I hunted down her blog! Click her name to go to the post. Thank you Carole for inspiring me!!
Products Used:
Pearls: Prima
Cardstock: Paper Trey Ink
Ribbon: PTI
Numbers: Chipboard from my stash
Enjoy this slideshow of Candace .. These photos truly show her personality.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Big hugs,

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Colton GRADUATES from SPEECH today!!!

**I was unable to post this on Sept 26,2014.. watching the old videos really hit me hard and my emotions were on over drive. I was unable to see to type!! I am posting Sept 27, 2014***
 Hi everyone!! Today I have an update on my sweet Colton. PLUS I do have a project I made to share with you.
Most of you know, my son has had many challenges in his short life. I will give you a BRIEF synopsis of his(our) journey.. and link you to more at the end.
 At 18 months old I was concerned about him not even trying to talk. PRIOR to that.. he would babble and babble and laugh all the time. So, at his 18 mos check up I talked with his pediatrician and she got us in contact with our local First Steps Program. Colton was tested and tested and tested some more.( during one of the tests it was suggested he had Autism)  He always ranked VERY high in every area EXCEPT expressive. So, he had a therapist coming to the house an hour a week. She was wonderful with him and he LOVED his "Kiki". ( her name is Kari Hall)  A couple months after she started with Colton, she mentioned APRAXIA.. she said she would do more research and and work more with Colton before she gives a final diagnosis. A couple months later.. we talked and she said she was positive he had Apraxia.
This is one of the first videos I took. ( Sept 25,2010)
You can see he TOTALLY understands and really tries...
He wanted to talk sooo bad, but his frustration levels would over power him. I tried to understand what he was saying, but sometimes I totally had no clue! This frustration set him back ALOT. On Nov.17,2010.. his 3rd birthday, he entered Pre-School. This was a VERY tough decision for me. See, First Steps no longer help with services once the child turns 3. The schools had a therapist and she would be there for him. His 1st day was AWFUL!! He went knowing primarily basic sign and very few intelligible words. The teacher and her aide had their work cut out for them BIG time!! ( Thank you Tara and Mary)  He didn't want me to leave. I knew and saw and heard the other kids.. they WERE talking and Colton wasn't. I knew just how out of place he felt. I hung around for a bit to allow him to see that the kids would play with him and all would be ok. After a bit, he seemed to like Tara and I kissed him and walked out. She smiled and nodded as I walked out with tears and questioned my decision. Sooo many times I said to myself.." I should have home schooled him". So.. the days got easier and he got more comfy. He started to like school!! I would stop in and hang out and just smile as I watched him FINALLY interact with other children instead of him hovering in a corner by himself. By the end of the year, he was doing better socially and academically. Still.. not many words and shy around anyone he didn't see every day!!!
I took this video of him June 8, 2011.
You can tell in the video.. still not many words. This video was BEFORE NV. 
I started researching DEEPER places for help in understanding Apraxia. I looked for people with similar cases and even found a Face Book Group. THIS is where I learned most about Apraxia and more specifically, Nutri Veda. (NV) I met a lady and she told me about HOW this has helped her child and others. Of course, the skeptic in me wouldn't say yes. I pondered the product and then had a discussion with my family. If we DIDN'T try it, we would always wonder if it COULD have helped. Colton took his first serving June 26, 2011 and LOVED it!  He had 1 scoop twice a day in milk and some sugar free syrup. I was told he would probably HATE it, but nope.. HE LOVED it!!
By July, he was saying :  " what ya doin" , "I help you", "mice" , "Oh gosh", Bumble bee", "Olton"(what he said his name was), " Ido it".
He started actively going TO other kids to play instead of them going to him. He started saying letters he saw on cars, trucks, shirts.. anything!!
July 22,2011 Colton started taking fish oils. I bought the capsules and squeezed in his mouth and he LOVED them day 1. ( still does)
July 23,2011 .. 1 month on NV
Doesn't he have the sweetest smile? He can spell his name too!! He called the fish oils.. POKE HOLES!! Some of his words are more intelligible than they were only a month ago!
So.. his servings get increased and he makes so much progress.  He started t-ball over the summer and about half way through.. he really loved it.
Oct 28, 2011 ..Colton spelling some words and saying hello to his friend Marcus!
Colton taking fish oils! He LOVES them!!
He just kept doing better and better... Jan. 23, 2012.. We worked hard on words in our every day life. He talks about playing with his friend and playing a monster game. He says .. " I love my chocolate milk mom. I burped".. LOL
Aug 27, 2012 .. he talks about working on cars and "his work" at Swope. He REALLY loves cars and tools!
By Oct 2012, he was spelling and writing his first AND last name!
March 2013 ... He is in Kindergarden and doing AWESOME!! Here he is doing sight words.
October 4, 2013 : School visit at the Pumpkin Patch!!
April 14, 2014 Colton reading Fly Guy book
Today, Sept 26, 2014 .. Colton has a message!!!
So.. today we reviewed Colton's IEP and agreed that he is ready to be released from speech services. He WILL be checked on monthly to be sure he is still making progress and not regressing. I am super excited and proud of my little guy.
So.. as you can see.. Colton has had ALOT of work to do to get to where he is now. Therapy and NV played a HUGE part in it. We, Lisa ( the one who accidentally found out NV would help by giving it to her son) and all of us parents and grand parents who give our kids NV need YOUR help!! We REALLY need NV to be validated!!! We need your help to raise money to have a double blind study done to secure our children's use of Nutri Veda(NV). The POSSIBILITY of it not being produced SCARES the crap out of all of us who have children using it. Most of you know, my son was diagnosed with apraxia and the "chocolate milk" has helped him TREMENDOUSLY!! This would validate so much and help others to see that nutrients and gut bacteria DO play a role in our children's overall health. PLEASE consider donating!!! This is tax deductible!! ANY amount helps!!
To see more about Colton's story.. please click >> More about Colton. ( there are 6 pages so be sure to click the next page as you are at the bottom)
I made this shirt for Mrs.Abell( Colton's SLP) ! She loved it!! Colton will miss seeing her weekly!
Thank you visiting and please help spread awareness. If you know a child who COULD have something more than just being a late talker.. BE PRO ACTIVE!! Dig deeper and get an appropriate diagnosis. Diagnosis is key to treatment which in turn is key to progress!!
Big hugs,
Tanya & Colton

Monday, August 18, 2014

Scallop Circle Flower Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome back!! My it has been a while!! I hope you have had a great summer!! A lot of kids have started back to school, which, for me, means ROUTINE!! Oh my have I ever missed you!!!
Well.. on with the show...
Today I am going to show you how to make a pretty flower using a simple scallop circle. You will need 2 sizes... within 1/2 inch of each other. In the example, I am using a 2 1/2  and a 2 inch scallop. This is perfect for punches or even to cut out with your Cameo or Cricut or other cutting tool.
If you have any questions.. please feel free to message me on the Paper Flirtations Face Book page. Be sure to LIKE as well. I'm WAYYY better about updating there.
The tools you need are pictured below. You do NOT need to go run out and buy anything!! Use what you have.. improvise!! A sharpie cap works good as a stylus as does a crochet needle!! TRUST ME... I have used both!! You can use almost anything thin, round, and at least 4 inches to sculpt the petals!! The mat.. don't have one?? Use your mouse pad or a cheap piece of foam from Walmart!! I would suggest tho.. do NOT glue on your mat!! You will see the yukkies on mine in the pics. Use a Teflon pad or freezer paper. ( Amazon does sell the tools tho)
Part 1 : Tools and Prep
Part 2 :  Petals, Petals, Petals
Part 3: Alternate Those Petals
Part 4: Ta Da
So.. wasn't that SUPER easy??? Remember.. practice makes perfect!! Use liquid glue until you get the hang of alternating petals and NO TWO FLOWERS ARE EVER ALIKE!!  Nope!! You will see how yours improve as you practice!
I'd LOVE to see YOUR flowers!! Please tag us in your photos on Face Book or add them to a comment on our page >> Paper Flirtations
Please let me know if this was helpful and if you have ANY questions.. message me on Face Book. You can click HERE to get to our page!!
Thank you for stopping by!! I look forward to seeing the garden of beautiful flowers you all make!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thank you Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Phyllis for a wonderful school year!!!

Well.. the 2013-2014 school year has came and gone and while bittersweet, also very exciting for my lil man. He has worked very hard since his Apraxia diagnosis and continues to thrive!!
((see videos of Colton's progress>> HERE!!! ))
He started Pre-School ON his third birthday and spent 2 additional school years in Pre-School with some amazing teachers!!He was super excited to move along to Kindy!! His teachers are amazing and he often says " I love Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Phyllis mom". This always warms my heart knowing how much he cares for these ladies. Teachers are "moms" to my kids and I could never pay them enough for all they do for my kids.
So, Colton asked me about whether or not he would be able to go to 1st grade with his friends and when I said " YES" , he smiled and said " I can only be in Mrs. Kim's class one time mom?" ( he seemed sad at first) I smiled and explained to him how working hard and getting good grades allows you to move on and if he continues to make such progress, he could be the President one day!! He was more interested in being a fireman or police man or a car "dude" like his daddy. He really cracks me up!!
As a crafter, I often find myself wondering.. "what can I make SPECIAL ENOUGH for these ladies that show how appreciative I am"?? Well, again, I'll never repay them what they are worth, but I certainly hope they LOVE their gifts this year.
Colton decided the teacher's needed something with "their favorite colors", which just so happens to represent their KY basketball team colors. So...
For Mrs. Kim, who is also a Louisville fan...
And for Mrs. Phyllis, who is one of the biggest KY Wildcat fans we know...

These plaques were made from a solid piece of wood and sanded and painted. I used a file from the Silhouette store for the phrase and made the flowers and leaves myself. The phrase on these mean so much to me as I know how much HEART they out into their "job" every day!!
Again, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Phyllis, thank you for such a GREAT year and for all you have done for my little guy. He hasn't always been an easy one to work with, but your love and guidance has shown him the way. You will see him getting many AR awards for reading as the years go by and just know... you are never more than a thought away!!
Thank you SOOOOO much!! We truly do LOVE YOU!!!
Big hugs!! Have a GREAT summer!!!
Tanya & Colton 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lovebug Creations & Kaboodle Bug Creations team up for a FaceBook hop!!!

Good morning everyone!!
Today is day 2 of our FIRST FACEBOOK Co-Hop!! What a wonderful way to bring 2 wonderful companies together !! If you missed yesterday's post.. please start at Lovebug Creations!!  Remember.. this is a FACEBOOK hop so you must LIKE and COMMENT on each post!! Be sure to LIKE ours here>>>>PaperFlirtations
I made two cards.
KaDoodle Bug Designs : Mother's Day card
Lovebug Creations : Rumple Ribbon
Jaded Blossom: Mother's Day
Lovebug Creations: Mama's Mesh & Rumple Ribbon
KaDoodle Bug Designs: Spring Bluebird
Be sure to go to FACEBOOK and comment for a chance to win some awesome prizes including :
Lovebug Creations - $15 gift certificate

KaDoodle Bug Designs - $30 gift certificate

Too Cute by Jessica - $20 in regular price files

Craftin Desert Diva's - one stamp set
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hello everyone and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you all!!
Today I am here to wish a certain mom a VERY SPECIAL Mother's Day. The woman who brought me into this world oh.. 30 something years ago. :) The woman who has taught me so much from cooking to being a mommy. Mom...
( my sisters, mom and I(on mom's left)... Happy Mother's Day in Heaven baby sis.. We love and miss you soo much)
 I love you SOOO much and wish we could be together today. I certainly hope that no matter how far away.. you are always in my heart and on my mind! You are the strongest woman I know and for that.. I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!
Well, I made mom something and wanted to share it with the world BEFORE she actually got it. :)  I will however save the card for just her. Gotta keep somethings OFF the internet right? hehe... ( my card is part of a FB hop next week so I CAN'T share it.. )
Anyways.. Here it is...
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

I used files from Fleurette Bloom for some of the flowers, the pot is from the Shilhouette Store and the FABULOUS ribbon is from Lovebug Creations.

Thank you for being such a WONDERFUL mom even when I didn't deserve it!! I am thankful for the friendship we have made over the years and it only gets better!!
This is a lil collage of what my wonderful family did for me!!
Thank you all for visiting and hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!! It is such a blessing to BE a mommy.
Big hugs...