Friday, July 27, 2012

PH DT "Bright" project

Good Morning Everyone!!  Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey ;)  Today we have the Paper Hoarders Design Team here to show you how it's done. ;)  

So, today's project was to " be "bright" colored.. or reflect a "bright"
environment.. or even have sunglasses on project." This summer has been SOOOO hot for all of us!! Some of us have even had no rain for weeks while others have flooding. How crazy Mother Nature is!!  I am sure you will LOVE these "bright" projects!! 

So, for my project I decided I was going to use my new Cameo!!!  Sounds good right?? Yea.. let's just say it took HOURS to figure this card out. I had problems galore!! I have decided next time..I go with what I know and save the new stuff for a rainy day. :)  I will say.. I DID figure it out and am starting to like the Cameo. I may have to do a review one day... once I learn more about the features. 

Anyways, here is my BRIGHT project!! 

So.. are they BRIGHT enough?? hehe... I am so thankful to have such a great team!! You ladies rocked this challenge once again!! Thank you for all you do!! 

Thank YOU for stopping by again. Please don't forget to drop by their blogs and leave a lil love. 

Till next time...

Happy Crafting!!! 


Friday, July 20, 2012

July Creative Dare

Hey ya'll...

Well, most of you know I have been dabbling in canvas art and playing with different mediums. I have totally enjoyed this new adventure. It helps me so much when I get in a slump. 
Who is the teacher?? None other than Tracy Weinzapfel !!  She does Monday night Ustream shows and talk about someone full of life and laughter. (For those on my FB.. I usually post the link so you can all join us. )  LOVE her!!! Anyways.. she started in June with a "Creative Dare" a month. The point is to get out of our comfy zone and do something not typical of our "style".  The "rules" for this dare were:

  1. Create a project using your favorite color pallet
  2. Include YOUR Word of the Year on your project
  3. OPTIONAL:  Use the quote I used "once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for..."
   So, my word for the year is LIVE!!!  So often we get wrapped up in everyone else and forget about US!!  ALOT has happened to my family and I this year already, so this word was hard to use, but soo necessary. Some people LIKE to the attention or time on themselves.. not me. I have always been more concerned about everyone around me than myself. So.. the rest of the year.. I am going to try to LIVE... worry less, play more... smile when I want to cry.. and give when I need to get... We only have ONE life and I am going to LIVE it. 
My colors for this challenge are pink and brown. I love the flow of these colors and how soothing they are. 
The quote was PERFECT for my word!! How easy it was to use!!!  

Well, here it is... my canvas: 

So.. if you want a fun evening with joking and laughter.. a lil seriousness too.. come visit us on Monday nights at 9pm EST at Tracy's Ustream channel.

Thanks for dropping in and hope to see ya soon!!

Happy Crafting... 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Graphic 45 "A Ladies Diary" Card Set

Hello ya'll!!!

Welcome back to my blog!! I am SUPER excited to present to you a GORGEOUS card set I have completed using Graphic 45  "A Ladies Diary" paper collection. When I first saw this paper I knew I had to have 2 of them. Well, then I decided I was ordering another and used it as a give away in our Paper Hoarder group. This paper collection is AMAZING and when you add a lil PRIMA .. ooh lala.. I used a Stamp set from K.Andrew Designs called "Fashionable Friends". I just LOVED how the stamps fit the ladies in the paper collection.

I AM selling this set ( with the lil box) for $30.. NOT including S&H..There are 5 cards in this set.   The cards are VERY bulky and each one would require additional postage and maybe shipped in a lil box or padded envie.. Without further ado..

The box that holds the pretties..
Close up of flower on box.

All the cards.. 
Each card individually: 

I hope you LOVE this set as much as I do!!! 
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Happy Crafting!!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Paper Hoarders DT "Sewing Machine Day"

Hello everyone and WELCOME!! Today is another Paper Hoarders DT day and we are soo excited to have you!!  Today's projects are inspired by a lil bit of "not so common" and "useless" (to most people) info about SEWING MACHINES!! 
Did you know??? 
Today, July 13 is "Sewing Machine Day" - It was invented on this day in France in the 1830's patented
in 1846 in U.S. This is also celebrated Sept. 10 .

 So.. the challenge was to use stitching, thread, needles.. anything "sewing" related on a project. The ladies WOW'd us all with their work!! Be sure to visit their blogs as well and leave a lil love!! 

Here is my contribution to the challenge. 
 I LOVE how this card came out!! Most of you know I have had NO MOJO lately and it felt good to create something with paper again!! I even pulled out my lil Pixie sewing machine and dusted it off and USED IT!! That poor thing has definitely been neglected!! 

 For this card I used:

Graphic 45: A Ladies Diary ( LOVE this paper stack)
Prima Flowers : Avon Rose Printery
Helmar 450 ( my FAV clear quick drying adhesive EVER) ; zap dots
Lace I got from a yard sale
Michaels : Pearls


Thank all of you ladies for doing such AWESOME work!! You always do such a wonderful jobwith the challenges and I am sooo proud to have you on our team. 
Please be sure to click their names and go visit their blogs and leave a little love!! 

Thank you for stopping by. 

Until next time...
Happy Crafting!!!!