Sunday, February 28, 2010

Louisville CKC 2-27-2010

  Well.. I was able to go to my first EVER CKC ( Creating Keepsakes Convention) !!! My wonderful hubby agreed to go along with my lil guy. I had a BLAST!!! There was sooo much to see and people EVERYWHERE!!! I had a BLAST talking with vendors and even got a few on video. Keep checking for the video. It will be in 2 parts due to the length.  Hmm.. who were some of the vendors there? Wow.. that's quite a list... I'll name a few along with their web addy and any specials they may have. ( no particular order)   They have a FULL LINE of Bind-It-All Products and 
accessories. Use coupon code BIA2010 for 20% off your next order. I FINALLY got a bag for my BIA and a few Primas and BLING. Stamping and scrapbooking. I got the Pre-cut Acrylic Stamp that matches the Dahlia Nestability. I also purchased the Multi-Shaper Punch from them as well. I love the products already. they also said.. they will replace any item if they break... so.. that is GREAT to me. Rebecca was WONDERFUL as was the other lady that did the demo with the stamps. ( sorry.. forgot her name)


 I LOVE LOVE this place. They have sooo many different items and great prices. There is a MONTHLY value pack WORTH $30.00, but all you pay is shipping. What is in the pack you ask?? 
        (2) 8.5 X 11 FULL Page Vellum Quotes
        (3) 4.25 X11 Half Page Vellum Quotes
        (6) 2.75 X 8.5 Vellum Quote Strips
        (1) Magnet Set Kit
  I got TONS of goodies in a bag at CKC.. the goodies were worth MORE than the money I paid. I also got their ALL NEW Powder Puff chalking ink. I am really excited to try this item. It is a DRY kind of ink that was designed to NOT use daubers or anything else. Simply drag it along the desired area. There are 2 pointed edges for the hard to reach places. LOVE IT!!! I got Colton's name on vellum.. on it includes the meaning and origin of his name and much more.. If they don't have the name you want.. they are HAPPY to make it for you. Great people.. very friendly !!  They have nearly 3500 items at 50%-75%  LESS than other stores. They have OVER 1500 items for only $1.00. The GREATEST thing.. their shipping is ALWAYS a FLAT rate of $7.99.  WONDERFUL place with lots of deals. Howard and Mallorie were WONDERFUL to talk to.

          I want to say.. there were WAY more than this there... although it would take FOREVER to type them all. I want to say a BIG BIG thank you to all of you who were so kind to talk to me on and off camera. This is a reminder that.. there are REAL people taking your orders and such. 

         Oh.. I also ran into a couple scrappin buddies while I was there. Sarah and Shonda.. Hey girls!! It was GREAT to see ya and talk to ya. See ya Saturday at the Crop!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Card Sketch Wednesday

  Today is Card sketch Wednesday over at PCM and boy I love the sketch Eileen has picked for us this week. Her card is amazing as well. Remember, there is no deadline or time limits for our challenges.. do them as you have time. Here is the sketch. I will add mine when I finish it.

Happy Crafting!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color Challenge Tuesday

   I am totally tickled to be bringing you these colors today. I don't know I haven't used them before. I totally love them. Todays Color Challenge over at PCM  are:

   2 shades of blue

  My card was inspired by Valerie Salmon. I used 2 of her cards to make mine. LOVE the look. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Happy Crafting!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tomorrow's Color Challenge at PCM

    I am soo excited about tomorrows Color Challenge over at PCM.  Click HERE and go register. We do challenges throughout the week and have a GREAT time. The group is amazing and inspiring. Come on over and jump on in. I promise.. noone will bite. Have a GREAT evening and HAPPY CRAFTING!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


   Well.. I got my CTMH order and I get to play.. YAY!!! 


  Here are a few things I have done lately. Enjoy..

Friday's LO Challenge at PCM

 Well, I did it again.. today is Saturday and I'm just now posting Fridays LO Challenge at PCM. The Challenge is to make a LO using the following :

    3 Photos,  Stripes, and the color BLUE..  Good luck!!  I will post mine when I get it done. I'm soo far behind.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Sketch Challenge

    Today's Wed Sketch Challenge at Paper Crafting Mania is totally wonderful!!! I soo can't wait to do it. Thanks Eileen for such a GREAT sketch.

I will add mine when it is done. 
On another note.. Well.. ANOTHER day of NO SCHOOL!!! I am soo ready for the snow to go away and Spring to get here. I know alot of states have gotten it as well and I am sure are feeling the same way. Ugh.. 
Well.. Happy Crafting!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Color Challenge Tuesday

  Hello my friends.. and welcome to another Color Challenge Tuesday!!!  I SOOO Love Paper Trey Ink paper and absolutely LOVE Spring as well. The snow is getting old and I'm ready for a lil warm up and cheer. The colors are :  Lemon Tart, Spring Moss, and Aqua Mist... 1 or more pattern papers.I totally LOVE blog hopping and stopped by Jason's blog and came across a sketch by Margaret Moody. I loved his take on the card and kind of gave it my lil twist. ( Thanks Jason and Margaret) And.. Here's My card:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Again.. no school..

  Well, today is the third day in a row school has been canceled. I have high hopes tomorrow IS school. This has been a LONG week for me. Colton has really enjoyed his brothers and sister home tho. He has spent most of the time upstairs with them. It's great because it gives me a break. He will go crazy tomorrow to find the kids are not home. Ugh oh..

  Today, over at Paper Crafting Mania,  is Scrap Happy Thursday. So.. drag out your scraps and MAKE SOMETHING!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Card Sketch

  Well, today is Wednesday and time for another card sketch. I love this sketch yet find it difficult at the same time. I will post mine when it is finished. Happy crafting...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

S N O W Much Fun

   Well, alot of us were blessed with a bunch of snow over night and more today. Of course, with the snow comes school closings and kiddos who are anxious to go out and play. I made a little video to show my kiddos playing and the gorgeous "snow" view from my back deck. Sorry about the fuzziness in the background.. the wind was really kickin..

 No clue why it says the 8th.. this was taken today, Feb 9, 2010

Color Challenge Tuesday

  Yay.. another week, another challenge. I am SUPER excited about these colors!!!  I have been asked how do I pick the colors and it's a simple process.. I look at past colors and go from there. Then.. I pick a color and see if I have that color or something close. I usually start with 2 colors and branch from there. This weeks challenge started the same way, but actually ended with a scraplifted card. I soo love the colors and the actual layout of the card. Of course, my stamp and sentiment are different and the colors are not EXACTLY, but.. THANK YOU, AJ OTTO, for the inspiration. I was flipping through the Cardmaker magazine at the store ( not usually something I do) and saw the card and BOUGHT IT for that one card!! Well, here's the colors and my card.

       Lt. Pink 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday's LO Challenge..

  Well, I'm late again posting Friday's LO Challenge. Sorry... The Challenge will require:

    Girl theme

   The snow has been hitting most of us on the East although, we got lucky with just a couple inches. The nasty weather makes me wanna stay in my jammies all day and craft. Well, that's pretty much what I have done. I did get more lil gift bags done and almost completed the LO challenge. I'm soo indecisive it is unreal. So, as soon as I make up my mind, I will post it. Here are a couple projects I have completed the past few days. Happy Crafting!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Sketch Challenge

  Hey everyone!!! Today is our weekly sketch challenge over at Paper Crafting Mania.    So.. go register and join in on the FUN!! Here is the sketch!!
Have FUN!!!  
Here is my card. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Color Challenge Tuesday With a Twist

Well.. another week has came and went. Here we are... Well ladies, I have a treat for you. First things first.. The colors for the color challenge are:
                            Plum pudding ( dark purple)

                           Spring moss ( lighter green)

                           2 or more pattern papers....

                          *** Optional.. WHITE ****

      Oh yea.. getting tougher. I know.. Well.. I wanted to add a lil challenge for you ladies and I have been working on this for a few hours. This is not a MUST do part of the challenge. You could just do the everyday regular color challenge if you choose.... BUT... I want to spice things up.. This is the challenge..

       Use the colors from the ones above and make a PAPER BAG BOOK!!! YEPPER!! That is the challenge. If you choose to do this challenge part.. you will have 2 weeks from today. SO... ALL entries will have to be posted on 2-16-2010. Then.. we will have a vote on the best bag book. Hmm.. are you ready for this part??? My KIDS will vote on the winner. This means 3 kids with 3 different personalities HAVE to agree. LOL.. So.. I thought this would be the fairest way to vote. For those who don't know.. my kids are 14, 13, and 9 years old... Hope that helps...
       Ok.. so.... what do you win??? Well.. MY bag book of course. I know.. it isn't all that, but I would sure LOVE to give it to someone.. FLAWS and ALL!! I will stamp and sign the back as I am a stickler for claiming our own work. I did NOT embellish the inside. Here are some pics..


So.. if you wanna play.. Go over to Paper Crafting mania, register if you are not currently a member... and HAVE FUN!!! Be sure to post pics in the same forum as the challenge. HAPPY CRAFTING!!!