Sunday, February 28, 2010

Louisville CKC 2-27-2010

  Well.. I was able to go to my first EVER CKC ( Creating Keepsakes Convention) !!! My wonderful hubby agreed to go along with my lil guy. I had a BLAST!!! There was sooo much to see and people EVERYWHERE!!! I had a BLAST talking with vendors and even got a few on video. Keep checking for the video. It will be in 2 parts due to the length.  Hmm.. who were some of the vendors there? Wow.. that's quite a list... I'll name a few along with their web addy and any specials they may have. ( no particular order)   They have a FULL LINE of Bind-It-All Products and 
accessories. Use coupon code BIA2010 for 20% off your next order. I FINALLY got a bag for my BIA and a few Primas and BLING. Stamping and scrapbooking. I got the Pre-cut Acrylic Stamp that matches the Dahlia Nestability. I also purchased the Multi-Shaper Punch from them as well. I love the products already. they also said.. they will replace any item if they break... so.. that is GREAT to me. Rebecca was WONDERFUL as was the other lady that did the demo with the stamps. ( sorry.. forgot her name)


 I LOVE LOVE this place. They have sooo many different items and great prices. There is a MONTHLY value pack WORTH $30.00, but all you pay is shipping. What is in the pack you ask?? 
        (2) 8.5 X 11 FULL Page Vellum Quotes
        (3) 4.25 X11 Half Page Vellum Quotes
        (6) 2.75 X 8.5 Vellum Quote Strips
        (1) Magnet Set Kit
  I got TONS of goodies in a bag at CKC.. the goodies were worth MORE than the money I paid. I also got their ALL NEW Powder Puff chalking ink. I am really excited to try this item. It is a DRY kind of ink that was designed to NOT use daubers or anything else. Simply drag it along the desired area. There are 2 pointed edges for the hard to reach places. LOVE IT!!! I got Colton's name on vellum.. on it includes the meaning and origin of his name and much more.. If they don't have the name you want.. they are HAPPY to make it for you. Great people.. very friendly !!  They have nearly 3500 items at 50%-75%  LESS than other stores. They have OVER 1500 items for only $1.00. The GREATEST thing.. their shipping is ALWAYS a FLAT rate of $7.99.  WONDERFUL place with lots of deals. Howard and Mallorie were WONDERFUL to talk to.

          I want to say.. there were WAY more than this there... although it would take FOREVER to type them all. I want to say a BIG BIG thank you to all of you who were so kind to talk to me on and off camera. This is a reminder that.. there are REAL people taking your orders and such. 

         Oh.. I also ran into a couple scrappin buddies while I was there. Sarah and Shonda.. Hey girls!! It was GREAT to see ya and talk to ya. See ya Saturday at the Crop!!!

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