Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color Challenge Tuesday

  Yay.. another week, another challenge. I am SUPER excited about these colors!!!  I have been asked how do I pick the colors and it's a simple process.. I look at past colors and go from there. Then.. I pick a color and see if I have that color or something close. I usually start with 2 colors and branch from there. This weeks challenge started the same way, but actually ended with a scraplifted card. I soo love the colors and the actual layout of the card. Of course, my stamp and sentiment are different and the colors are not EXACTLY, but.. THANK YOU, AJ OTTO, for the inspiration. I was flipping through the Cardmaker magazine at the store ( not usually something I do) and saw the card and BOUGHT IT for that one card!! Well, here's the colors and my card.

       Lt. Pink 

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eiyiyi said...

Wow!!!! this is gorgeous Tanya. Well done. Just got home and thought I'd poke around the blogs while I thaw out! I love the colors and I love your card. Beautifully done. I'll see you tomorrow at PCM! hugs to you, eileen