Friday, August 31, 2012

Paper Hoarders Dt : Movers and Shakers

Hey ya'll.. 
Glad you could join us today. Sadly, this our last post for the Paper Hoarders Design Team for a bit. :(  I just know that we WILL be back soon... 

The challenge this week was to make a project that moved or shaked. Sooo many ideas popped into my head, but this idea was THE ONE.. Please visit the ladies' blogs and leave a little love. We are a couple short as they have illness and other issues going on that need their attention. Please send some prayers for them. These ladies mean alot to me and it pains me when their lives get interrupted by things out of their control. Ladies.. I am praying for you. Thank you for all you have done and I look forward to working with you again soon. 

My card is a "Penny Slider Card". This is a rather old technique and quite fun and easy. Here is an easy to understand video tutorial.

Here is my card. I just love the lil Air plane!! 

The penny:





Thank you again ladies for all you have done for Paper Hoarders. You will be greatly missed!! I can't wait till we can get it going again.. really soon I hope. Thank you to all the readers who visit and leave kind comments. It is really wonderful to be a part of such a wonderful community of crafters.. and non crafters too. ;)
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August Creative Dare: ME?? WHAT???

Hey ya'll and welcome to my blog. 

As most of you know.. I am the type of mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.. who takes tons of photos of everyone else.. EXCEPT ME!!! I know right.. surprise huh?? I am just not the "About Me" type...

 Well, my Monday nights consist of usually a paint brush in hand.. or stylus rolling flowers.. watching Tracy Weinzapfel on USTREAM inspire as she creates masterpieces right before our eyes. Monday nights never get here fast enough!!!  Anyways.. August Dare was to use a photo of our self on a project. Ouch.. I don't think I have any..  So, after searching high and low.. and cropping people out.. no cigar... So, my daughter decides.. hey, we will take one. Yea.. I was NOT amused, but I totally wanted to do this project!! I had an idea and was going to take the darn pic no matter what!!!  The photo came out ok.. Hey, I am not the photogenic type..
    So.. here is my masterpiece. 
( I have close up photos but for some reason, Blogger is adding dark color strips on the bottom. I will add them when I can)
I made all my flowers and each symbolizes a person or group of people in my life.. my lace symbolizes the foundation of my marriage.. with the pearls being the good and bads that help keep us grounded and true to our love for each other..  the leaves are the years my wonderful hubby and I have been married ( next month I could have added another). I put the butterfly on wire so she would stand out. She symbolizes the freedoms and choices in our life and reminds us that we have so much to be grateful for. 
Although this was a very BIG challenge for me.. I truly am glad I took it. Tracy inspires me so much and is a constant reminder that LIFE is what we make it. MY LIFE is in FULL BLOOM and I will enjoy the blossoms each and every day.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see YOU Monday night @ 9pm EST  HERE!!!! 

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Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Brave Little Boy... Nathan... update

Hello ya'll and welcome !!! (addy for card drive at bottom of post)

This is Nathan wearing his new kicks at the clinic.  :) 

I just wanted to take a few minutes to get ya an update on our lil Hero.. Nathan. :)  I have started receiving cards and am sending out another box of cards and goodies today. He received the first box and him mom said he just loved it! 
Nathan had another round of chemo on Aug 9th and while it hasn't been as bad as previous rounds, his appetite is far less than usual and can't stomach most smells. Please say a prayer for our little hero and his family. Prayers really do work.
 Here are a few photos of some of the kiddos who helped make Nathan a card. These bring such HUGE smiles to my face... ( Photo heavy!! Hang on... )

Fans from Michigan making Nathan cards

Fans from Florida making Nathan cards!!

My lil guy.. finding the perfect eye for his dino card.

I also made him an album to finish. It was big enough to add 70 plus photos. I thought this would be a perfect way to pass some time and also document his journey. How fun would it be to have his buddies hang out with him and add photos and stickers to his album!!! AWESOME!!  Here is a short video I made of the book. 

I also want to add the photos of the cool new kicks that were painted for him by the FABULOUS artists from Peach's Neet Feet . They are a remarkable group of people who work so hard to bring smiles to lil guys and gals. Click HERE  to see how YOU can sponsor a child!!  

Don't they just ROCK!!!!  I know one little boy who will want to SLEEP with these cool shoes on!!!  It is an amazing thing to see such wonderful people doing extraordinary things for others. I am so thankful I found Peach and was able to be a part of bringing a smile to a special little boy!!!

Thank you all for dropping by. If you are interested in sending a card for Nathan.. please send to: 

Nathan Butler
C/O Tanya Stilwell
P.O. Box 143 
Cecilia, KY 

ALL cards and packages get mailed to him as I receive them. I do NOT open any unless instructed on the outside of the envelope. :)  Thank you all for your kindness.. Let's keep bringing this lil guy one smile at a time!! 


Friday, August 10, 2012

Paper Hoarders DT : Lazy Day 1 hour project

Hello again!!
To find out how YOU can help out with a card drive for Nathan.. click >>> A BRAVE little boy... NATHAN 
Welcome to my blog!! Today is our Paper Hoarders DT day. The challenge was to make something.. in ONLY ONE HOUR!!!!  That is very challenging to most of us. I see people post that they made 10 layouts one day and 4 cards.. and often wonder....  HOW THE HECK??? IT TAKES ME 2 DAYS TO MAKE ONE LAY OUT!!!   So.. the challenge was born. Sometimes we get so caught up in detail and forget about the simple things... I hope you enjoy these projects and please visit their blogs (click on their names).

Here is mine.. Simple.. 

Thank you all for being on the team. You are awesome!!  Please be sure to visit their blogs and leave some love!!!!  

Happy Crafting!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

A brave lil boy... Nathan's Story... Card Drive

Hello ya'll and welcome to my blog. (please read the entire post.. details about card drive at bottom)

Today's post is about a lil boy I have recently been acquainted with and would love to share his story with you. He is so brave and his story hits home for me .. again.. (you may remember lil Aiden, he is doing well and started kindergarten only a couple days ago. He LOVES it)

First.. let's give you a little background info on how I came to find out about Nathan... 

Well, most of you know about my son Colton. He is diagnosed with Apraxia and doing so well!! Throughout our journey, I found a FB group that was not only informative, but supportive as well. Long story short... there was a lady who has 2 cute little boys who also have Apraxia, among other diagnosis .. and she shared on her FB about one of her little boys getting a pair of cool shoes from Peach's Neet Feet. ( click to find out how YOU can help)  Anyways.. I visited Peach's FB page and then her web site and felt I SOOOO had to do something to help. I believe ONE PERSON can make a difference. So, I made a donation. I later got a message about the boys I sponsored shoes for . I went to Nathan's Caring Bridge page and WOW!!! It hit me.. he reminds me of my little active 4 year old. I asked myself so many questions and decided to message him on Face Book (via his mommy and daddy of course). I asked about sharing his story and his mom was totally on board!! She wants everyone to know about Nathan and how his diagnosis came to be. 
Here is an excerpt from Nathan's Caring Bridge: 

"Hi! I'm Nathan and I'm 4 years old. I have stage IV Neuroblastoma.
Up until just a few weeks ago, my biggest trouble was my baby brother, Lukas. He is always in the middle of whatever it is I'm trying to do! Now, I have a much bigger fight on my hands. Cancer. It is scary, but I am a brave, strong boy and this will not define me! I have so many other fun things to think about! I love dinosaurs, trains, and hot wheels. Oh, and SUPER HEROS! My mom says this is fitting because she believes I am her super hero.This sounds about right because I know my daddy is a super hero and I hear a lot that I'm just like him! My journey to remission is just beginning so check back often and please continue to pray for me! " 

A little more about when and HOW : from Nathan's Caring bridge

"Background Story

On Saturday, April 28th, I had a t-ball tournament. My leg was really bothering me and wouldn't let me run the bases. Momma just thought I might be having some growing pains so we went home after and got lots of rest. Sunday my leg was still hurting and I lounged around at home all day. On Mondays I go to physical therapy for my tip toeing so Dr. Bob looked at my leg and said I probably pulled a hamstring. He taped my leg up and rubbed some feel good cream on it. Tuesday evening I was running a low grade fever and my leg still hurt. Wednesday, May 2nd, we went to see Dr. Morrow. I was feeling so much better and climbing all around and even doing jumping jacks. Dr. Morrow thought I may have had a virus that settled in my joints in my leg. We decided to see how I did the next few days and if it didn't improve to come back on Friday and do an x-ray and blood work. Thursday and Friday I felt great. Then Friday evening and Saturday I had a low grade fever and my tummy was hurting really bad so momma took me to urgent care. They looked me over and gave me levsin for tummy cramps. Sunday I still hurt really bad and had a fever of 101 so momma took me the ER. Daddy met us in the ER since he works on the 8th floor there as a RN. After a long time they decided to do a CT scan to rule out an appedicitis. Momma and daddy were really scared about that possibility. They never expected to find out I had a mass above my right kidney and here the words "possibly cancer". We were then transferred to the oncology floor at OU Children's Hospital. Check my journal entries for what happened next. "

To visit Nathan's Caring Bridge, Click HERE!!!!   His site is maintained by donation.. every penny helps. He also has some AWESOME tshirts for sale with a dinosaur on them!! find out how you can order by going through his photos.. you will see the shirt there.

How is Nathan now? 
newest journal entry : 
Round 3 lingers while round 4 looms...
Written Jul 31, 2012 12:28pm
It has taken me a while to update since the Friday we were supposed to go home. Honestly, I really like to keep these posts positive and it's been hard to stay positive lately. I would start to write out an update and...just couldn't. Things are finally starting to look up!

Picking up where I left off: We were supposed to go home on Friday, but we just didn't feel like Nathan was ready so we decided to go ahead and wait. He was still vomiting at 10:30 pm, but luckily that was the last round for a bit. Saturday was much better! He was finally drinking a little. We were told all day he just needed to drink and then we could go home. So at 4:00pm we got serious. Nathan and I made a sticker chart and drew lines on his cup. Every time he reached a line he got a sticker and when his chart was full he would get a big prize! This worked great. He finished the whole cup and then we were told he had to drink 2 more full cups! Ok, really, he was on 100% maintenance fluids. He wasn't thirsty! However, we did it! Yay, we get to go home! I ran home and traded out the cars and went back to pick up Nathan and John-Henry. Only to be told, nope, Dr. Sexhauer said we can't go home! Ugh! Somehow there was a big miscommunication so Nathan never got his Zofran that night either. Of course, just as Dr. Sexhauer comes in to discharge us, Nathan is throwing up again. His exact words, "this changes everything! He's not going anywhere, he's still barfing!"

After a long and trying day, we did get to go home later that evening. We really just felt like if he could go home he would get better and feel so much better around his own comforts. He didn't. For the next week he stayed in bed and only took nibbles of food here and there. It was a difficult time to say the least. Thursday we went to clinic and he got a blood transfusion. That seemed to help a little and Friday he did start getting out of bed for very small amounts of time.

On his last CT they saw that Nathan has a gallstone. It wasn't really addressed since he had not been having any issues with it, but over the weekend he has been experiencing sporadic stomach pain. We think the gallstone might be the reason. Right now we are giving him pain meds to help as needed. His appetite is finally back and we are so very thankful for that! His counts are low right now and he is neutropenic. So pray for no fevers!! He is supposed to have round 4 Chemo on Monday but they don't expect him to be ready due to his low counts so it will most likely get postponed. We will keep you posted though!"

PLEASE.. say a prayer for Nathan and his family as they fight this!!  Prayers go a LONG way!! 

I am doing a card drive for Nathan!! Yes.. I'm excited aren't you?? 

So, what lil boy wouldn't LOVE cards from all over the world?? A few encouraging words as he fights this!! The cards don't have to be fancy!! I'm sure Nathan would LOVE a card from YOUR little person.. heck, a folded piece of paper with a drawing would TOTALLY put a smile on his face!!!

I have been asked about what he likes??  Well, dinosaurs, MARIO (his bday theme this year), and Hot Wheels!!  Again, I am sure he would be tickled with whatever you sent him!!  I am asking that all cards be sent to me.. and I will send them in a box to Nathan. (for the privacy of the family.. hope you understand) 

 Nathan Butler
c/o Tanya Stilwell
P.O. Box 143
Cecilia, KY 42724 

Please visit Peach's Neet Feet on Face Book. Madison "Peach" has done amazing work and has put soo many smiles on so many faces!!!  Be sure to hit "LIKE" while you are there.

Thank you for stopping by and sorry about the long post. I really couldn't make it any shorter as Nathan's story deserves soooo much more!!  I will do updates about Nathan .. PLEASE share this blog post with your friends!!!

I look forward to the awesome mail and can't wait to start shipping to Nathan. 

Until next time.. 

Hug your kids TIGHT.. make sure they know you love them... and say a little prayer for our new friend and his family.