Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paper Hoarders Design Team Day

Good morning everyone! This is Zeni again with another Paper Hoarders Design Team Day.  As we continue to celebrate Christmas, we are showing off some talented ladies and their Christmas layouts.  Take a look here below. Aren't they awesome?!?!  Don't forget to visit their blogs and leave them some bloggy love!  Hope that you all have a beautiful day and weekend!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Paper Hoarders Christmas Home Decor DT!

Good morning Everyone! Zeni here taking over Tanya's blog to show you some exciting projects made by the Paper Hoarders Christmas Home Decor Team!  I love this time of year because so many neat things can be made to decorate your home and give it that little bit of Christmas spirit that we all need.   So on to the amazing DT and their beautiful projects

(her post will be up later today on her blog)


Aren't these projects beautiful??  Awesome job ladies!!! Please don't forget to visit each of the members blog to leave them some bloggy love! They did an outstanding job!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Designer for Ooh lala vintage treasures!!

Hi ya'll and welcome to my blog. I'm so excited about today's post!!! 
I was asked by Patti to be a guest designer for her 12 Days of Christmas. I was soo excited!! The best part.. I got to craft with my lil guy!!! We did KID CRAFTS!!!  I love spending crafty time with my kiddos and I hope our post will inspire YOU to spend time with your kiddos in your craft room!!  You can find the other posts for her 12 Days of Christmas HERE
Ok.. here we go!!! 

I made this CUTE lil frame that is perfect for anyone in your child's life. I know a certain mamaw that will be getting this wreath!! 

This is SUPER easy and can be altered in so many ways!!! Here's a few directions!! 

1. Punch or Cut with your Cricut.. 3 diff sized squares... or whatever shape you would like.( 24 total) this will  be 6 of each kind and 3 of each color.

2. Assemble by alternating color pieces and gluing them together at 90 degree intervals.( OR.. Use a hole punch and a brad and brad them together as I did) Punch a 1/16th hole ( hole punch) at both top corners. 

3.Using your Cricut, punch, or even hole punch.. punch out 9 red 1/4" circles and 3 red 1/2 " circles. 

4. In the center of the layered scallops ( squares above) , glue 3 grouped 1/4" red circles. Place it on every other one. 

5. Next, glue the 1/2" circles to the center of the other scalloped squares. 

6. Add little highlight to the circles with a white pen. Add a photo and then tie a bow.. Ta Da... 

 Our next project was done by my lil guy Colton. He LOVES crafting!!! This is pic heavy !! 


Get your plate ready... 

Cut a circle in the center. We traced the ribbon roll and cut around it. Mommy did this part. 
Put glue on the whole thing. Be sure to get the outside edge and center. 

Put a sheet of green tissue paper over the plate. 

Cut the center and around the outside paper off. 

Cut or tear lots of lil squares from the green tissue paper( we used shiny green that has to be cut)  for the "holly" leaves. 

Folding the corners together, glue the "middle" to the plate. 

Tear little pieces of the res tissue paper and roll into little balls. My lil guy made quite a few BIG balls. hehe

Glue the balls to the wreath. Add a pretty bow. Using the pipe cleaners, tape to the back to make it hang. Ta Da.. A gorgeous wreath every lil person will be proud of!! 

What a GREAT gift for anyone!! ( This can be altered so many different ways by adding more layers, different shapes and colors)

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you Patrice Carrow for having us. We had a BLAST crafting together!!!
Be sure to visit Ooh-lala Vintage Treasures Blog  to see more wonderful holiday ideas!!! 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Paper Hoarders Christmas Cards Team!!

Hello ya'll.. WELCOME!! Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged!! My blog seems like a ghost town!!  
Today I have some AWESOME Christmas Cards from our AMAZING Paper Hoarder December Design Team!! I am so excited to show you their work!! 
Please be sure to click their names and go leave a lil love on their blog. I'm sure they will appreciate it!! 

Aren't those tooo cute!!! Great job ladies!!
Thank you all for stopping by. Please be sure to click their names and go visit their blog post which will have more info about their cards.

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paper Hoarders Guest Designer : Patrice Carrow and....

 Hello and welcome back!!!  So glad to have you!! 
Today is Paper Hoarder Guest Designer day and WOW!!!  Our guest, Patrice Carrow, has totally ROCKED this challenge!!!  The challenge was to make a Christmas themed tag. She is the best at vintage and shabby chic and this tag will totally prove that!!  I am thankful to have her in my life. She is such an inspiration to me and many others. Ok.. on with the tag ;)  

Ok.. now isn't this just GORGEOUS!!!!!  Patrice has an online store where you can purchase the items she used. The store is Ooh lala Vintage Treasures. Her store is a sponsor of Paper Hoarders so.. all the yummy laces and such.. yep, come from her store!!!  Be sure to go visit if you like anything vintage or shabby chic. The prices are AWESOME and shipping is FAST!!!
You can visit Patrice's blog  My Creative mind  to get inspired and see more of her amazing work. She has quite a few videos which always amaze me!! 
Thank you Patrice for being our Guest Designer for this term and for being a Paper Hoarder!! You surely are a treasure!!

Now.. onto some personal bloggy time. I know I don't usually do this, but today is a special day and I wanted to share something with you all. I hope Colton's story can inspire some of you who may have a lil one, or a big one, who doesn't "talk" like the others.

Happy 4th Birthday Colton!!
Today is also my lil man's 4th birthday!! Wow has time flied!!! Seems like just yesterday he was born.  He has and still is overcoming many obstacles most lil 4 year olds don't have to worry about. My lil guy has Apraxia , which is a speech disorder. He has came a LONG way and I am sooo proud to be his mommy. I want to include a couple videos I took of him.. more for just me, but to share with you. HERE  is a link to Colton's page on the Cherab site. You can read the updates and watch additional videos. Here are a couple videos of my lil guy. The first one is before he started taking Nutrii Veda and the other only 4 short months later. WOW!!!  I am sooo proud of my lil man!!

 Colton BEFORE NV 6-8-2011
And here he is again.. 4 months later.

My lil guy is in pre-school and really enjoys it. He gets therapy twice a week and really enjoys it. Here is my lil guy now. Isn't he such a cutie!!
Happy Birthday lil man. Mommy and daddy love you SOOO much!!!

Thank you all for visiting. Thank you Patrice for being such a GEM to all of us and for sharing your post with my lil birthday boy. ;) 

Thank you all for visiting. 
Till next time...
Happy Crafting!!! 


Friday, November 11, 2011

Paper hoarders Design Team #2

Hey ya'll.. glad to have ya..
Today is Paper Hoarders Design Team #2 day and I am totally excited to share with you their lay outs. Yep, team #2 is the lay out team. Their challenge was to make a "Thankful" layout. They all did a gorgeous job. Please be sure to click their names and go to their blogs. They have all the details and such there. 


Thank you so much ladies for being such great design team members and for being PAPER HOARDERS!!! Ya'll remember to go leave a lil love on their blogs!!!

Thanks for stopping by.. Be sure to come see us again ;)



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday Design Team

 Hello ya'll!! Glad to have you!!! 
Today is Thankful Thursday Design Team over at Crazy About Cricut. Our challenge was to make something that "fell" open. WOW!! Was this ever a challenge!! I needed a card for a good friend of mine and came up with this tag card. I hope you like it. ssshhh.. my friend doesn't know this is hers!!! :)  
and here is where the "fall" comes in.... 
So.. there ya go!! A "falling" happy birthday tag ;) I know.. I amaze myself sometimes too!! LOL.. I hope you liked my card!! Don't forget to go visit Crazy about Cricut's Blog to check out the rest of the design team and see what prize Jenny may have!!! I know you won't be disappointed!!!
Thanks for stopping by. 

Happy Crafting!!! 


Friday, November 4, 2011

Paper hoarders DT "Thankful"

Hello everyone!! Welcome back!! 
Today is our Paper hoarders Design Team Day. The theme is "Thankful". Thanksgiving is coming close and most families start thinking about what they are all thankful for. I am pretty sure we all have a list that would look similar. The DT did ONE project and you shall see how NOT similar they are. 


Thank you ladies for your projects!! Be sure to click their name and visit their blogs!!  They would love a few kind words. 
Thank you for stopping by. I hope these ladies inspired you to think about what you are thankful for.
Until next time...
Happy Crafting!!



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winner of the Fall/ Halloween blog Hop is....

Hey ya'll and welcome back!! 
I first want to thank you all for the wonderful comments on my blog during the blog hop. I enjoy each and every one of them. I truly get inspired by all the great comments you leave. How very heart warming to know other talented crafters like your work. For that.. I am grateful!! Oh.. ok.. You just wanna know who won the flowers don't ya?? hehe.. 
The winner is : 

BECKY DUNHAM  who said :
Love this little mummy jackolantern Tanya! What a cute idea! Thanks for the chance to 
win those gorgeous flowers :)

Becky, I will be emailing you for your addy so I can send you these flowers. Thank you again for visiting my blog . 
Until next time...
Happy Crafting!!! 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Paper Hoarders Design Team #2

 Hello and welcome back!! 
I FIRST want to apologize for not being able to post earlier. For some reason blogger didn't think I needed to be able to log into MY blog!!! I'm here now and sooo excited to share with you what the Paper Hoarders Design Team #2 has done!! The theme is Halloween and the challenge was to use a Halloween "shape" on the lay out. Be sure to click their names to check out their blogs!! 


Aren't those lay outs just CUTE!!!!  Thank you ladies for all you do and thank you for being a Paper Hoarder!!!  Be sure to click their names and check out their blogs!! 
Until next time..
Happy Crafting!!!