Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Designer for Ooh lala vintage treasures!!

Hi ya'll and welcome to my blog. I'm so excited about today's post!!! 
I was asked by Patti to be a guest designer for her 12 Days of Christmas. I was soo excited!! The best part.. I got to craft with my lil guy!!! We did KID CRAFTS!!!  I love spending crafty time with my kiddos and I hope our post will inspire YOU to spend time with your kiddos in your craft room!!  You can find the other posts for her 12 Days of Christmas HERE
Ok.. here we go!!! 

I made this CUTE lil frame that is perfect for anyone in your child's life. I know a certain mamaw that will be getting this wreath!! 

This is SUPER easy and can be altered in so many ways!!! Here's a few directions!! 

1. Punch or Cut with your Cricut.. 3 diff sized squares... or whatever shape you would like.( 24 total) this will  be 6 of each kind and 3 of each color.

2. Assemble by alternating color pieces and gluing them together at 90 degree intervals.( OR.. Use a hole punch and a brad and brad them together as I did) Punch a 1/16th hole ( hole punch) at both top corners. 

3.Using your Cricut, punch, or even hole punch.. punch out 9 red 1/4" circles and 3 red 1/2 " circles. 

4. In the center of the layered scallops ( squares above) , glue 3 grouped 1/4" red circles. Place it on every other one. 

5. Next, glue the 1/2" circles to the center of the other scalloped squares. 

6. Add little highlight to the circles with a white pen. Add a photo and then tie a bow.. Ta Da... 

 Our next project was done by my lil guy Colton. He LOVES crafting!!! This is pic heavy !! 


Get your plate ready... 

Cut a circle in the center. We traced the ribbon roll and cut around it. Mommy did this part. 
Put glue on the whole thing. Be sure to get the outside edge and center. 

Put a sheet of green tissue paper over the plate. 

Cut the center and around the outside paper off. 

Cut or tear lots of lil squares from the green tissue paper( we used shiny green that has to be cut)  for the "holly" leaves. 

Folding the corners together, glue the "middle" to the plate. 

Tear little pieces of the res tissue paper and roll into little balls. My lil guy made quite a few BIG balls. hehe

Glue the balls to the wreath. Add a pretty bow. Using the pipe cleaners, tape to the back to make it hang. Ta Da.. A gorgeous wreath every lil person will be proud of!! 

What a GREAT gift for anyone!! ( This can be altered so many different ways by adding more layers, different shapes and colors)

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you Patrice Carrow for having us. We had a BLAST crafting together!!!
Be sure to visit Ooh-lala Vintage Treasures Blog  to see more wonderful holiday ideas!!! 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!



Misty said...

Fantastic projects and Colton Rocks!!!

WhichCraft-Liz said...

Super duper cute gift idea! ! Love your little helper too!


Zeni said...

you got a cute little crafter in your hands! Great job with the wreath Colton! and Mom did awesome with that cute frame!

tnscrapper said...

umm, GORGEOUS!!!!!! That Colton has grown up so much and so handsome too. Great job on the wreath Colton.

Marilyn C.

Brenda said...

awww Colton is sooo adorable and look how proud!!!Great job Colton!!!!