Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Brave Little Boy... Nathan... update

Hello ya'll and welcome !!! (addy for card drive at bottom of post)

This is Nathan wearing his new kicks at the clinic.  :) 

I just wanted to take a few minutes to get ya an update on our lil Hero.. Nathan. :)  I have started receiving cards and am sending out another box of cards and goodies today. He received the first box and him mom said he just loved it! 
Nathan had another round of chemo on Aug 9th and while it hasn't been as bad as previous rounds, his appetite is far less than usual and can't stomach most smells. Please say a prayer for our little hero and his family. Prayers really do work.
 Here are a few photos of some of the kiddos who helped make Nathan a card. These bring such HUGE smiles to my face... ( Photo heavy!! Hang on... )

Fans from Michigan making Nathan cards

Fans from Florida making Nathan cards!!

My lil guy.. finding the perfect eye for his dino card.

I also made him an album to finish. It was big enough to add 70 plus photos. I thought this would be a perfect way to pass some time and also document his journey. How fun would it be to have his buddies hang out with him and add photos and stickers to his album!!! AWESOME!!  Here is a short video I made of the book. 

I also want to add the photos of the cool new kicks that were painted for him by the FABULOUS artists from Peach's Neet Feet . They are a remarkable group of people who work so hard to bring smiles to lil guys and gals. Click HERE  to see how YOU can sponsor a child!!  

Don't they just ROCK!!!!  I know one little boy who will want to SLEEP with these cool shoes on!!!  It is an amazing thing to see such wonderful people doing extraordinary things for others. I am so thankful I found Peach and was able to be a part of bringing a smile to a special little boy!!!

Thank you all for dropping by. If you are interested in sending a card for Nathan.. please send to: 

Nathan Butler
C/O Tanya Stilwell
P.O. Box 143 
Cecilia, KY 

ALL cards and packages get mailed to him as I receive them. I do NOT open any unless instructed on the outside of the envelope. :)  Thank you all for your kindness.. Let's keep bringing this lil guy one smile at a time!! 


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Zeni said...

Awh.... That's so cute! Thanks for including the picture of my kids! I'm sure that Nathan is going to love them all. I know that my kids and I had a great time making the cards for him. This is an awesome thing you are doing!