Friday, August 10, 2012

Paper Hoarders DT : Lazy Day 1 hour project

Hello again!!
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Welcome to my blog!! Today is our Paper Hoarders DT day. The challenge was to make something.. in ONLY ONE HOUR!!!!  That is very challenging to most of us. I see people post that they made 10 layouts one day and 4 cards.. and often wonder....  HOW THE HECK??? IT TAKES ME 2 DAYS TO MAKE ONE LAY OUT!!!   So.. the challenge was born. Sometimes we get so caught up in detail and forget about the simple things... I hope you enjoy these projects and please visit their blogs (click on their names).

Here is mine.. Simple.. 

Thank you all for being on the team. You are awesome!!  Please be sure to visit their blogs and leave some love!!!!  

Happy Crafting!!!



Boni said...

I love this card has a butterfly :) So gonna learn to do cards . This waterfall is a trip on your blog toots Hugs <3

Pamela Pattison Lash said...

Beautiful - clean and stunning!!

Paper Craft Island said...

Love love love this Tanya! I know what you mean...It normally takes me forever to do things! LOL...
Thanks again for having me be part of this wonderful team! :)

Big hugs,

paperfusion said...

Oh I would never have made this challenge. Did the time include FINDING your supplies? That's where I'd be in trouble! Even choosing paper is an hour chore, at least! Great job ladies! Love your color combo Tanya! I'll have to remember this sketch for a quick card! Thanks!

Christy said...

Yours is absolutely beautiful Tanya!!!

RobinSuzanne said...

Your card turned out great....I could NEVER make a card in an hour...just impossible....layouts I can practically do in my sleep for some reason but cards....don't know why they are so hard for me....but you nailed it with yours! Love the butterfly!

Zeni said...

You're card is so pretty T! I think this is something I'm definitely going to try. I often struggle with this too. Great idea and inspiration to keep us all going and being productive!