Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Color Challenge Tuesday With a Twist

Well.. another week has came and went. Here we are... Well ladies, I have a treat for you. First things first.. The colors for the color challenge are:
                            Plum pudding ( dark purple)

                           Spring moss ( lighter green)

                           2 or more pattern papers....

                          *** Optional.. WHITE ****

      Oh yea.. getting tougher. I know.. Well.. I wanted to add a lil challenge for you ladies and I have been working on this for a few hours. This is not a MUST do part of the challenge. You could just do the everyday regular color challenge if you choose.... BUT... I want to spice things up.. This is the challenge..

       Use the colors from the ones above and make a PAPER BAG BOOK!!! YEPPER!! That is the challenge. If you choose to do this challenge part.. you will have 2 weeks from today. SO... ALL entries will have to be posted on 2-16-2010. Then.. we will have a vote on the best bag book. Hmm.. are you ready for this part??? My KIDS will vote on the winner. This means 3 kids with 3 different personalities HAVE to agree. LOL.. So.. I thought this would be the fairest way to vote. For those who don't know.. my kids are 14, 13, and 9 years old... Hope that helps...
       Ok.. so.... what do you win??? Well.. MY bag book of course. I know.. it isn't all that, but I would sure LOVE to give it to someone.. FLAWS and ALL!! I will stamp and sign the back as I am a stickler for claiming our own work. I did NOT embellish the inside. Here are some pics..


So.. if you wanna play.. Go over to Paper Crafting mania, http://papercrafting.11.forumer.com/index.php register if you are not currently a member... and HAVE FUN!!! Be sure to post pics in the same forum as the challenge. HAPPY CRAFTING!!!

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