Friday, July 20, 2012

July Creative Dare

Hey ya'll...

Well, most of you know I have been dabbling in canvas art and playing with different mediums. I have totally enjoyed this new adventure. It helps me so much when I get in a slump. 
Who is the teacher?? None other than Tracy Weinzapfel !!  She does Monday night Ustream shows and talk about someone full of life and laughter. (For those on my FB.. I usually post the link so you can all join us. )  LOVE her!!! Anyways.. she started in June with a "Creative Dare" a month. The point is to get out of our comfy zone and do something not typical of our "style".  The "rules" for this dare were:

  1. Create a project using your favorite color pallet
  2. Include YOUR Word of the Year on your project
  3. OPTIONAL:  Use the quote I used "once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for..."
   So, my word for the year is LIVE!!!  So often we get wrapped up in everyone else and forget about US!!  ALOT has happened to my family and I this year already, so this word was hard to use, but soo necessary. Some people LIKE to the attention or time on themselves.. not me. I have always been more concerned about everyone around me than myself. So.. the rest of the year.. I am going to try to LIVE... worry less, play more... smile when I want to cry.. and give when I need to get... We only have ONE life and I am going to LIVE it. 
My colors for this challenge are pink and brown. I love the flow of these colors and how soothing they are. 
The quote was PERFECT for my word!! How easy it was to use!!!  

Well, here it is... my canvas: 

So.. if you want a fun evening with joking and laughter.. a lil seriousness too.. come visit us on Monday nights at 9pm EST at Tracy's Ustream channel.

Thanks for dropping in and hope to see ya soon!!

Happy Crafting... 



Zeni said...

This is absolutely beautiful Tanya! I really love the quote and your favorite word is absolutely right!
Great job!

Boni said...

Put your word on my Page ! think I will do this to hugs

sandee said...

Great job Tanya, I tried to join your blog, but it didn't show up so not sure if I was successful! See you Monday night! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

RobinSuzanne said...

I LOVE this true, those words...we get caught up in the daily grind sometimes that we forget to slow down and cherish our loved ones and hug tell them we love them and to enjoy every moment life has to offer...I am so grateful for your friendship and you have been there for me during some painful times in my life. Thank you Tanya....many hugs and lots of <3