Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thank you Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Phyllis for a wonderful school year!!!

Well.. the 2013-2014 school year has came and gone and while bittersweet, also very exciting for my lil man. He has worked very hard since his Apraxia diagnosis and continues to thrive!!
((see videos of Colton's progress>> HERE!!! ))
He started Pre-School ON his third birthday and spent 2 additional school years in Pre-School with some amazing teachers!!He was super excited to move along to Kindy!! His teachers are amazing and he often says " I love Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Phyllis mom". This always warms my heart knowing how much he cares for these ladies. Teachers are "moms" to my kids and I could never pay them enough for all they do for my kids.
So, Colton asked me about whether or not he would be able to go to 1st grade with his friends and when I said " YES" , he smiled and said " I can only be in Mrs. Kim's class one time mom?" ( he seemed sad at first) I smiled and explained to him how working hard and getting good grades allows you to move on and if he continues to make such progress, he could be the President one day!! He was more interested in being a fireman or police man or a car "dude" like his daddy. He really cracks me up!!
As a crafter, I often find myself wondering.. "what can I make SPECIAL ENOUGH for these ladies that show how appreciative I am"?? Well, again, I'll never repay them what they are worth, but I certainly hope they LOVE their gifts this year.
Colton decided the teacher's needed something with "their favorite colors", which just so happens to represent their KY basketball team colors. So...
For Mrs. Kim, who is also a Louisville fan...
And for Mrs. Phyllis, who is one of the biggest KY Wildcat fans we know...

These plaques were made from a solid piece of wood and sanded and painted. I used a file from the Silhouette store for the phrase and made the flowers and leaves myself. The phrase on these mean so much to me as I know how much HEART they out into their "job" every day!!
Again, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Phyllis, thank you for such a GREAT year and for all you have done for my little guy. He hasn't always been an easy one to work with, but your love and guidance has shown him the way. You will see him getting many AR awards for reading as the years go by and just know... you are never more than a thought away!!
Thank you SOOOOO much!! We truly do LOVE YOU!!!
Big hugs!! Have a GREAT summer!!!
Tanya & Colton 

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Georgiana said...

Your plaques are perfect! As a teacher I love to hear success stories!