Friday, August 20, 2010

Ugh.. FINALLY on!!!

   Well.. A couple months later and well.. I'm BACK!!!  I forgot my log on and my password. I know.. can you believe that???  So.. I retrieved it.. and, here I am.. Wooo Hooo!!! 

   Ok.. so.. I have been SOOOO addicted to FB lately and have learned and seen alot!!!   I got a GREAT deal on a couple Cricut Carts. Who can beat that???  So, I heard of it though Sarah. So, where do you go?  HERE  Dawn is SUPER nice and VERY fast!!  Go check out the deals. They are on a first come first serve basis. :) 

  And.. since we mentioned Sarah.. she has a SUPER deal going on for a SHORT time only. Go check her out. She has GREAT stamps and I can't WAIT to get mine.

  I think I will STOP here with the enabling. :)  Hopefully I WON'T forget my pwd or log in again. LOL.. ( I would have sworn it was saved on this computer thing.. hmm )  Anyways.. go check out the deals while they are still available. :)


eiyiyi said...

I wondered why you had stopped blogging. Just figured it was the kids and summer. glad to see you back. Now, put up some of your fabulous cards for all to see. hugs, eileen

Tanya said...

Aww.. thanks Eileen. You are too kind. I do need to post a few of the cards I have done over the summer... hmm...