Thursday, September 9, 2010

My lil man

   Well, today was Day #1 of Fish oil for my lil man. He took it GREAT and is actually looking forward to more "medicine" tomorrow. Let's hope he continues to feel this way.
   He is taking NORDIC NATURALS - OMEGA-3 Purified Fish Oil 1000 mg... these are soft gels and I put a pin hole and squeezed in his mouth. I got them from GNC for roughly $17 for 60 gels.
  Ok.. so.. why you ask??  My son has Verbal Apraxia. He has had a speech therapist for about a year now who comes weekly to work with him. We have made very little progress and, after reading an article and hearing about fish oils, we have decided it won't hurt to try even if it doesn't help. If you are interested..THIS is the article. So.. hopes and prayers for a positive outcome ..

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