Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Monogramed Wreaths for sale

Hey ya'll.. Glad to have ya...

Well, I've been in a wreath kinda mood lately and have been experimenting. Yesterday my kiddos and I took a lil ride to Michaels and Walmart and decided to get a few things. Well, we bought a few supplies with an idea in my head.. not even sure how it would come out. Anywho.. we got home and my daughter and I got to work. We made this gorgeous monogrammed wreath for my neighbors. 
My neighbor LOVES it!! 
We decided we would make a few more and sell them. The vine wreath is approx 11"X11". The monogram letter is protected with a sealant as to not peel right off. I have 3 available.  Here are pics of the three I have.. only missing YOUR monogram..

Wreath #1 :
Side view :

Wreath #2:

Wreath #3:

I hope you love these lill fellas as much as we do. My daughter was such a wonderful helper that we are excited to make tons more and craft together!!  Thank you for stopping by!!

Till next time...
Happy Crafting...

Tanya & Candace (daughter)


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Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! love it!