Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kinder Camp has officially begun!!!

 So, the reality of my "baby"going to Kindergarten is finally kicking in. Today started the 6 day (3 hours a day) Kinder Camp at my son's Elementary School. This, to me, is a BRILLIANT idea!!! Many of you have followed my son's "life" thru my blog and know of the trials and tribulations he has had. You have also seen the triumphs and progress he has made. ALL of these have played a huge role in WHO he is and how ready he is for Kindergarten. 
Kinder Camp is for our lil people who transition to Kindergarten. They learn the NEW routine as well as the teacher and her expectations. They will see who some of their NEW friends are as well as some old friends. Of course, not every new Kindergartner will be there for these 6 days so... more to meet on the first day of school. (Aug
What do we, as parents worry about? For me, since I have taken my lil guy to school and picked him up the past 3 years.. he will now ride the bus. Need I say any more? LOL.. I worry he will freak out by the "unknown"!! Which, of course, scares me. Things like.. which bus does he get on? Where does he go when he gets to the school? How does he know when to stay and when to leave? I also worry about him falling asleep on the bus after a long day ( ALL day) and me freaking out when he doesn't get off the bus. 
THESE are issues that Kinder Camp help prevent.. which I am SOOOOO Thankful for!!! Of course, we have 4 other kiddos and have been through this before. :)  I have to say tho.. this is the FIRST time they have had Kinder Camp!!!  I am so thankful to live in the school district I do. I am thankful for the bus drivers taking extra care of our little ones .. for the teachers who love my kids as if they are mommy ( and who punish when they need it!! Hey, let's be real here.. if the teachers don't when the bad deed is done.. most of the time the child has forgotten what he/she even did wrong to begin with!! I always say.. if my kids are NOT mad at me at LEAST once a week.. I'm not doing my job as a PARENT!!! ) 

So.. I've rambled enough. Here are some pictures from this morning. 
I made Colton a lil card and put it in his shorts pocket. He was THRILLED!! Bear/apple image by PPBN.

He is ready to go!! 
He is a SHOE lover!! He told me I had to take a photo of his shoes. LOL 
What a GORGEOUS day.. bus is here!!! 
Ms.Brewer was kind enough to let me take a pic. He is ready to go!! 
And.. He's OFF!! Have a GREAT day buddy!!! 

So.. now the question is.. what do I do with my time until he gets home? Clean ? Craft?  Sit with my house phone and cell phone.. just in case?? LOL We shall see... 
Thank you all for visiting. Sending sweet hugs to those who are sending their little ones off as I am. :)  We WILL get thru this.. hehe.. 



eiyiyi said...

I cannot believe how big he's gotten. What a cutie! You'll do fine, Mom. hugs, eileen

Anonymous said...

So...what did you do all day? I was choked up reading this.

tnscrapper said...

Hey Tanya!

Sorry its been so long. I agree with Eileen - Can't believe how big he is. Hope his year has gotten off to a great start.

I am in a transistion phase too - my mom had to be placed in assisted living. Life sure does change quickly. Its been rough, but we are making it.

Hope you and your family are doing well.

Marilyn C. (tnscrapper)