Sunday, December 6, 2009


   Hey everyone!!! I made it home and so did my Gypsy!!! We had a GREAT weekend meeting Jenny, Carla, and their families. Our family was really comfortable with theirs. It was as if we knew eachother already. Jenny and Carla checked out the Gypsy and they BOTH NEED one now. LOL.. My mission is accomplished. We all chit chatted and the kids got along GREAT!!! Jenny and I didn't have time to craft, but she did take me to Joannes and I got a few paper stacks. We took lots of pics so.. be ready for them soon.
   Tomorrow the evaluator will be here to check Colton out. His speech is less than it should be for a 2 year old so... doesn't hurt to get him checked. Cross your fingers he is just being lazy and it's not something serious.
   Well.. hope everyone had a GREAT weekend. HAPPY CRAFTING!!!

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