Thursday, January 10, 2013

16 years and counting....

So.. some of you know my "baby" girl turned the big SWEET 16 yesterday. I was flooded with a zillion different emotions... It was a happy yet sad day and I know it gets harder. 

One of the "rights of passage" is to get your learners permit. This is no small feat for our children. We have told them driving is a privilege and not a right and needs to be earned. What do we expect??  Good grades... help around the house.. good attitude in general.. love and respect ... We have told our children that earning what we WANT helps us to better appreciate what he have. Hence.. my daughter was SUPER excited that I took her out of school to take her test for her permit. This was after hubby insisted that she fit the criteria for it... no matter that she has perfect attendance and has never missed a day without a Dr note.. 
 So.. I did.. Me.. the mom who insists my kids attend school unless they are DYING.. signed my daughter out for a learners permit... And you know what???  I am VERY glad I did.  She passed, of course, and this made her day. 

Of course, I had to make her a card. This took a couple days and honestly, I finished only MINUTES before she walked in the door!!  Her favorite color is yellow so.. I went with that!!  I used ribbon from Lovebug Creations. I LOVE their Rumple Ribbon and they have a ONE OF A KIND "on the edge" ribbon too. 

A birthday tradition I grew up with was having our choice of restaurants. Of course, my daughter is a TACO BELL FANATIC!!! cheap date yes, but it is all about the birthday :)  This is my beautiful daughter .. 
So.. what's a birthday without a lil cake??  I made her a heart shaped cake made of pink lemonade flavor and strawberry frosting. Talk about DELISH!!!  ( pics are not the best, but they are documented)
(ok.. we know the 16 candles are not perfect.. these things were a PAIN to light and we were trying to hurry before she came back into the kitchen)
Her wish was made...
What girl doesn't like flowers delivered to school?? We called our local florist and had them delievered bright and early!!  What a great way to start the day. 

So now..  she is 16, a Sophomore, straight A's, and the best daughter a mom could ask for... how do I prepare myself for my "baby" to leave the nest??  We have made it through 16 years of ups and downs and my "baby" has became more than just my daughter.. she is also my friend. 
Thank you for hanging in there for this post and all of the sweet comments on my FB about her Special Day. 
I love you Candace and am SOOOO proud to be your mom!!! Muah!!! 



Zeni said...

you have to be such a proud mommy! Happy birthday Candace! I hope your day was magical!!! Your card is beautiful and your cake looked yummy!!! Fedex me a piece!

Lovebug Creations said...

What a beautiful post! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful, responsible, loving young lady! I'm glad you went ahead and took her..I know how you are but it was worth it in the end! She looks like she was super excited!!! Cake looks yummy and I envy the taco bell! I so wish we had one here! I miss it!!! :) Last but certainly not least...the card...WOW!!! I know how difficult it was for you (but you'd never know looking at it!) You are so talented!!! Now keep on creating!! We miss seeing all the gorgeous things you do!!!! :)

Loves ya!

tnscrapper said...

Happy Birthday to Candace!!!

Marilyn C.

eiyiyi said...

Happy Birthday, Candace! Beautiful card, beautiful cake, beautiful girl! Well done, Mom! hugs, eileen

Boni said...

hanks for sharing this :) its beautiful

Christy said...

What a big milestone! Yesterday was my oldest's big 1-3...I am not looking forward to 16 LOL. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, I love the bling and the ribbons! Your daughter has great taste, Taco Bell is one of my favorite restaurants!