Wednesday, March 6, 2013

HOPE mixed media

                                          Hey y'all and welcome back. So glad to have you.
Most of you know, or have at least read here on my blog, that I am a HUGE Tracy Weinzapfel fan and have been for a while now. She is FUN, UPLIFTING, REAL, HONEST, INSPIRATIONAL.. and so much more. I could really keep going. Anyways.. she does Monday night Live Ustream  and before I ever saw her, I would have NEVER painted. Heck, I can't draw a stick man. LOL So, with different techniques and ideas outside the box.. painting has become a part of me. While most of you know my love for paper flowers, painting is not far behind. :) 

She offers monthly challenges that really work our inner creativity as well as a "Yearly Word" about us. Simple.. pick a work to describe you.. or what you want for YOU for the year. Sounds easy right?? Yea, definitely gets your mind going. I love a good challenge and I really love thinking outside of the regular 4 equal sided box. That gets boring after a while. 
More to the point.. (told ya I could keep going about Tracy.. hehe) 

So.. since I haven't done my WORD for the year yet, I offered up the same challenge to my friends in our Face Book group. They had a week to complete this challenge. Totally voluntarily. I figured this was the perfect time to work on mine. Here ya go... 

Yes, HOPE!! The saying on it reads " When the WORLD says give up, HOPE whispers try it one more time" -author unknown. This word is a BIG word to me. Sometimes when we let everything and everyone take control of our lives and it seems as there is no way out ... HOPE .. is always there. HOPE is something no one can take away.  So, when you feel like giving up or giving in... listen to HOPE as whispers to you.. "try one more time" ... 

Materials used: 
Acrylic Paints
Templates from The Crafters Workshop
Charcoal Pencil
Faber Castell PITT artist pen
Gelli Plate
Speedball Roller
Water Color Crayons
Spray Fixative
**Nail Hole Patch**

** As the "thrifty" person I am... I hunted and hunted for something to use to add dimension to this project without spending $13.00 for modeling paste. The modeling paste IS the recommended "ingredient" but hey... I like to work outside that square box. :)  It dried nicely and didn't crack. ( I didn't apply super thick either.. I even sprayed Glimmermist on some and it didn't resist. so.. we shall see how it holds up.)

Thank you for visiting and maybe even reading my jumbled run on sentence post. :)  Try something new and keep HOPE close by. If you are interested in watching Tracy's show.. click "USTREAM" above and that will take you to her recordings and if you are online at 9pm EST.. it will take you to her live show.  Click Tracy's name above to go to her blog and see what the March challenge is. 



Christy said...

This is sooooo pretty!!! I love those arrowed triangle pieces!! :)

Audrey Frelx said...

Tanya, your card is beautiful and the word..."hope"... what a great word to use anytime!

Lovebug Creations said...

I love this!!! Hope is such a great word!!! I too can not draw a stick man...lmao..I may need to go check Tracey out if it means I'll end up rocking the canvas like you do!!! Fabulous job, my friend!!!


Zeni said...

Hope should be the most important word in our vocabulary along with love! you did an amazing job with this! I love the colors you used. Great job with the letters too!

Dawn Carlyle said...

Absolutely love this - so colorful - and I think HOPE will be my word for the year too :-) Thanks for sharing....

sandee said...

Great job Tanya, don't forget, you are inspirational too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Anna said...

Great Post! Love your Journal Page, you did a great job!!

Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell said...

Very nice Tanya I love it!!

Lisa said...

I'm always truly amazed at mixed media projects! Amazing job!

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Raven B said...

This is such a beautiful word for the year! I've always wanted to do this and yet I havent :( AH You inspire me to get to painting too. I know what you mean being inside the box isnt always fun it can get boring after a while. This is so fun and funky and freeing to make art like this I totally agree. Cant wait to see your next piece.

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Tanya/Nonna said...

This is gorgeous! I love the bright, bold colors and the awesome graphics! And, I love the quote!
Blogging It Forward!

Nikki Binder said...

Great job!! Love HOPE!!! Thanks for stopping by, Nikki
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