Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy (late)Birthday to my sweet daughter!!! and.. some news..

Hello and welcome back!! I am a day late in posting this as I had blogger issues yesterday!! I was in tears as I was unable to make this post. A very good friend of mine helped me get it figured out today so.. better late than never!!!I also have some news to share at the end of this VERY HEAVY photo post! All for a good reason!!
Yesterday was my sweet daughter's 17th birthday!!! Seems time flies faster than we want. One minute they are babies and the next they are driving and looking into collages!! I wont make this mushy as I cried enough yesterday thinking about all of this.. I will say I am lucky to be her mom. She is and has been the best daughter ever!!! I LOVE YOU Candace with all of my heart and soul!!
Now.. only some photos :)
The night before her big day... my hubby and I made a balloon bomb!! When she opened her door.. they fell into her room!! She was tickled about this.

I surprised her with a chocolate cupcake. What a great way to start the day!!
Hubby and I decided to send a special delivery to school. Who should have to go to school on their birthday and NOT get flowers??? NOONE!! She was tickled and just loved them!! ( a BIG thank you to E-Town Florist. They had this made and delivered within TWO hours of my call!!)
Birthday tradition renders the birthday person pick of the restaurant for supper. Candace picked Arbys and we were all lucky to share our table with one of my "other" daughters Haylee. Oh how I have missed her so. Colton is quite fond of her as well and well, these girls are the best sisters any boy could ask for!! I think he is quite happy he has them!!
So, one thing my daughter looks forward to is her birthday card. As a crafter it is expected that I would MAKE the card. Of course I teased about buying one, but knowing she appreciates them, I'd never buy unless circumstances prevented me from making one. Here is the card I made.
I hope my lil princess had a wonderful birthday!! I'm super excited for her future and blessed to be a part of it!!
Now.. onto some news.
It has been a while since I posted but I have been SUPER busy. I certainly should have passed the info on as thinking now, I have done a dis service to YOU.... my viewers. Ok.. what's the news?? The news is..... I FINALLY opened a store!! IT is called Paper Flirtations and will primarily be projects I can add flowers to. Some will not have flowers so no need for alarm. I just wanted a place to put my creations and offer to others instead of sitting on shelves!! I WILL have the ornaments available YEAR ROUND and can surely work with anyone about specifics. Let me add before I get too deep.... ALL of my items are handmade by ME!!! ALL of my items are shipped only to the USA. I apologize to my friends over seas. I surely with the postage was not so high!! It saddens me to think a $4 ornament will cost $18 to ship to some places!!! Anyways... Click my store name above to visit my store.
Thank you all for hanging around and waiting for me to get my stuff together!! I am excited about the new year and hope you keep in touch!!
Big crafty hugs,


Eliza said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new store wow and happy birthday to your daughter too. What an achievement .

Hugs Eliza

Christy said...

That balloon bomb looks AWESOME! I'm totally adding that to my to-do list!!!