Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paper Flirtations....

Hi there everyone!! Today I'm bringing you some news that some may not be aware of as well as a few new roses I have created! I am tickled about these and hope you are too.
Business first...
over the past year I have pondered creating a business. I love making paper flowers and home d├ęcor and thought hey... I had some wonderful people reassuring me that I would regret it more if I didn't even try. So.. after talking to my family, we decided to launch the weekend of Thanksgiving 2013! Yes.. I know.. crazy right? So....
Say hello to PAPER FLIRTATIONS!!! 
Right now, I am keeping the same blogger name. I do have plans on updating my blog and changing the name as to not be confusing. You can add us to your Face Book, Twitter, and Pinterest. The direct links are below. I am super excited about this new adventure!!
 I decided to make ornaments with flowers and dress them up with other items. While it was tough, it went better than I could have dreamed.
Here is one I made that is a favorite. We also sell different prices and even a 3 pack!!!  You can find more >> Paper Flirtations Store
I had created some frames and after lots of sanding and gesso and painting.. flowers were the perfect finishing touch. ( glass is included it was removed due to glare during photographing) I have a blue frame and a pink one but am always willing to make to order.  Find more info and more colors here>> Paper Flirtations
A few years ago I made some wreaths and added flowers to them and thought again.. why not? So, for Valentines Day I created a beautiful wreath. There are two to choose from. Here is a photo of one. You can see it >>> Paper Flirtations Store
See... I have been a little busy. hehe.. I was working between orders and playing around with a few different cuts. I forgot I had cut out some petals last week and decided to play with them on Monday. I made a few different "types" of flower that I am calling a rose. I LOVE seeing the same flower in different colors and inking and techniques. The following flowers are from the same cut. I LOVE how they turned out.

What do YOU think?  Which one is your FAVORITE??? If you have ordered, we would ALWAYS love to see how you use your flowers. Please add us to your social media and we would LOVE to share your photos!
  I will be taking a poll soon so be on the look out! If you don't follow us on Face Book yet, we are  >>> HERE!!!   We also have a Twitter >> HERE  and a Pinterest where we pin not only our items, but those that inspire and teach. You can find our Pinterest >>>> HERE!!!!    Our store is >>>>>> HERE!!!!  Feel free to email any requests not pictured. We will do our best to make what you need and if we are un able to, we will refer you to someone we think could better serve you. We are here because of you!! Thank you for believing in Paper Flirtations.
Thank you again and big hugs!!

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