Sunday, February 27, 2011

Barber AIDAN

  So, most of you know of this sweet lil boy who has leukemia. So, with this comes chemo and then hair loss. Well, his parents, as GREAT as they are, decided they would do something so lil man wouldn't notice his hair falling out. What did they do?? They cut his hair and guess what?? Aidan cut daddy's hair too!!! Isn't that too stinkin sweet!!! Such GREAT parents to do this for their baby!!! 

       If you would like to send him "love" mail, the address is below. He has LOVED those he has gotten thus far. Thank you ALL for your cards and thought and prayers for him and his family. They are much appreciated and still needed. Your kindness has definitely warmed my heart. I am THRILLED to be a part of such a GREAT community of people who use their talent for others. Thank you ALL soo much!!!

                                                        c/o Tanya Stilwell 
                                                           P.O. Box 143 
                                                        Cecilia, KY   42724

                                            Hugs to you ALL!!!


paperfusion said...

What a great family! He is so adorable, prayers again today for the family. <3

Gina said...

I am a new follower. I will definitely be getting a card out to him tomorrow, hopefully. He's lucky to have such a loving family. I am at

Alex said...

found your blog, I heard about Aida thru Mary and sent him a card, that is so sweet what his parents did :) you have really cute projects, I'm a new follower :)


Lovebug Creations said...

What an adorable picture! Love hearing all the updates on this super sweet little guy!