Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Awards

   WOW!! I log onto my blog to see a message from MISTY  saying she left me something on her blog. So, nosy (haha) me has to run right over and see. Aww.. she left 2 blog awards for me and a couple other people!!  How SWEET!!!  Thank you soo much MISTY!!! You are TOO kind!!  Misty is new to the blogging community and does alot of work to make cards to an organization called Operation Write Home. She needs help with some supplies that we older scrappers may be able to donate. So.. go to her blog and leave her a message. A little goes a LONG way. Thanks for all your support!!

  Ok.. back to the blog award.. I'm supposed to post 8 things about me and share these with 8 people.. how about the awards first..
     Ok.. a little about me :)

    1. I am a mom. Between my hubby and I, we have 5 kids, 2 I birthed and they are 11 YEARS  apart!!

    2. I lived in Japan and LOVED it!!

    3. Photography is my FIRST love.. followed closely by paper crafting and reading.

    4. I am a FACE BOOK JUNKIE!! Yes, I admit it!!!

    5. People say I try to fix EVERYTHING. Well, it may be true.. I try to help anyone who needs it.

    6. I'm REAL!! what you see is what you get!!!

    7. I am a SAHM. It's not always easy, but I love being home when my kids are. (most of the time.. hehe)

    8. I have a hard time talking about ME!! :) there... that's 8.. hehe

   Now.. onto the 8 bloggers to pass these awards onto.. hmmm...

                       1.    Zeni @ Scrappy Zeni
                       2.    Mary @ Cardz TV
                       3.    Donna@ Paperfusion Arts
                       4.    Holly @ Recycled Genius
                       5.   Carol @ Cricut'ing Carol
                       6.   Janice @ Cricutology
                       7.   Jacqueline @ Made By Jacqueline
                       8.   Tami @ Tami's Craft connection  

                   Hugs to all..  Tanya


Carol said...

Thank you so much!!! :-) I am honored! LOL! I've already posted my pass-it-on!

Scrappy Zeni said...

Awh.... thank you Tanya.... and I don't see Kimi's name on here... what does that tell you!!! I'm number 1!!!! hehehe! :)

Tanya said...

LOL Zeni... I didn't put Kimi bc she got these recently and I knew she was really busy at the moment. :) So.. be nice .. LOL.. Kimi knows I wuv her.. GOOBER!!!!


Kimi said...

I see where I rate...right behing Zeni...sad now :( hahahahahaha....You goons! I wuv you both 2...i suppose ;)

Jacqueline said...

thanks Tanya ... I just posted it ... click here

~ Jacqueline
Made by Jacqueline