Thursday, March 31, 2011

WOW!! LOTS of goodies to share!!

  Hi ya'll. I have a few things to share and my excitement can't be contained!! 

  So, my lil man starts T-Ball this weekend and I had to go to the Sports store to get a smaller glove. (trust me.. it isn't small enough, but will have to work) So.. we get one and next door is a Tuesday Morning. We go in and what did I find?? Paris Hilton paper stack!!!  Ok.. am I just that OUT OF IT or did you not know either??  This stack will be PERFECT for the pictures I took of the Musical "13" my daughter was in. Ok.. here it is... 

     So.. my mailman (step son) brings my mail and I have a couple packages. One of them had 3 cards in it and the package was from my friend  KIMI. I opened the envie that had my name and.. the card brought tears to my eyes. She is soo sweet!!!  She also sent a card for my lil man and for my daughter. I'll post those pics when they see them. :)  I'm too excited and HAVE to show you mine!! Isn't it sooo cute!!!! 

   And... I got MORE yummy goodies today!! Some of you may know Jess, Kinderstampo, came out with her OWN STAMP SETS!! Of course, I had to get them and they came TODAY!!!  Thank you SOOO much Jess!!! I can't wait to play!! If you haven't seen her stamps, click HERE . Thanks again Jess!! 
Don't those look awesome!! 
Happy Crafting!!!


WhichCraft-Liz said...

As Paris Hilton would say...."that's hot" lol...Not a Paris fan but I must say that paper stack is really cool. Love the card and your goodies!


Groovymama said...

Tanya....I just love all of your goodies!!!!!!!! Wish I got good stuff like that!!! lol

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Cute card! It is always so much fun to get first class mail that is not a bill. Then for it to be such special mail is even so much better. Have fun with your new stamps.

Isn't it great when you find something like your new paper that will work just great and you weren't even looking for it?

Have fun at the T-Ball games!

K Andrew said...

Love your new imagine card!