Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To My lil blue eyed cutie!!

Hey y'all... Yepper.. as the title of this post indicates.. we have another BIRTHDAY!!!
This time my lil guy Colton gets to be a whole year older.. Oh what I would give to be 6 again!!
We started early this morning ( 8:30am) with a cupcake. The rest of the kids do not wake this early unless school days and no way lil man will wait until they wake to eat. So... this was a lil celebration time for my lil guy and me. :)  He got his own lil cupcake for breakfast and I sang him happy birthday in a soft inside voice.. we don't want to wake anyone up. :)  He was tickled pink and I am so glad we had this lil moment together.
He LOVED the messy lill cupcake!! It was super moist and oh sooo chocolaty!!
His request for the cake was a mustache. I found one on Pinterest and decided to take it on!! I think I did a wonderful job along with the help of Candace making the cake and Roger cutting the ying yang.. Isn't it great to have such wonderful people to share in the joy of a finished project? I  <3 family="" my="" nbsp="" p="">
Next was blowing out the candles. It took him 3 tries to get them all out!!
I asked Colton what he wanted for his birthday and his answer was  " I'm sure whatever you get me will be fine mom." He is such a blessing to me!! He is a Gummy Bears lover like me so... of course that had to be a part of his gifts. He was overjoyed!! First.. the card :
Lovebug Creations : Christmas Candy Sheer Ribbon
Jaded Blossom : Mustache Die, Love Mustaches Stamp, Flag Die 2
Helmar 450 and Zap Dots
Recollections bling
Gelly Roll pen
Now.. onto the FUN part about a birthday!!

The best part of the day?? He said was spending his birthday with his family and playing Lego Playstation game with Trevor. :) ( Trevor is my nephew.. far left in the pic below) !!!  What could be better than that??

So.. Happy Birthday to my lil cutie pie and thank you all for hanging in there to read this post. We are in the middle of a tornado watch so I need to go hide!! I just wanted to get this posted real quick. :) Have a good evening my sweet friends and be safe!!


Georgiana said...

Looks like a fun birthday and that cupcake must have hit the spot!

Eliza said...

Cool love the cake and the theme but that little cake for breakfast looks totally yummie. Also a fantastic tool set all for him, what a great gift. I do hope he had a great day, wish him belated birthday greetings from Australia and I hope the tornadoes didn't cause much havoc.

Hugs Eliza