Monday, November 4, 2013

My lil " turkey" and his turkey..

Hey y'all.. today I am showing off my lil cutie and his weekend project. He is an avid crafter and LOVES everything to do with crafting!! Whether it is glitter or pearls or bling or paint.. he says bring it on... whether it's making flowers or inking a tag... he says bring it on!!  I love that he loves crafting as much as I do and pray he continues to enjoy it. I definitely take advantage of every minute I get as I know he will probably think it is NOT cool in a few short years. :(
So.. he brought home a "nakid" turkey and had to cut it out and decorate it. Having done this before, he already knew what he wanted to do. He first cut it out ( I did around the feathers) and then colored it. He wanted a pink eye with "sparkles" so.. bling came out along with some stickles. We glued some feathers and then the buttons he picked out. ( totally have to buy more brown buttons now) I asked what we would put on the body of the turkey and he suggested FLOWERS!!! Well... mommy decided we would cheat!! He punched out and rolled the flowers and I hot glued them onto the turkey. Nope.. I did NOT make a "real" flower as I would have needed quite a few as he was VERY picky about the spaces you could see between the flowers!!!  We used MAMAS MESH from Lovebug Creations for the beak and the feet!! We LOVE the look of this!!
We had soo much fun doing this together. I truly love crafting with my lil cutie!! Thank you for stopping by and we encourage you to spend a little time with your lil cuties in the craft room. :) Kids say the silliest things and we don't want to miss a moment!!!
Tanya & Colton 


Iris said...

That is a fine looking turkey - great job Colton!

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

A very handsome turkey Mr Colton.
Great teamwork!

Lovebug Creations said...

I just LOVE this lil turkey!! Colton is adorbs and he did a FABULOUS job!!!! Keep craftin bud! You are talented (and I know where he gets that from!!)