Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a WINNER!!!

  Well, the past week has been nothing but CHAOS and DRAMA!!! Some of you may know I was trying to win a Cricut Imagine through Jinger Adam's Facebook Contest. Well, I decided Wednesday, before the BIG reveal of the winners day, that I was already a WINNER!!! I got 4 new friends !!! Now, had I not joined this contest, I would have probably not crossed paths with these ladies. So.. THANK YOU to my new friends! I am TICKLED PINK to have you!!

   So.. did I win anything else?? YES!!! I did win 2nd place and the prize is the CRICUT CAKE !!!!  I am excited to play with a new toy!!

   Here is the winner list : (copied and pasted from Jinger's FB page)

IMAGINE MACHINE - Kimi Lash CremerIMAGINE MACHINE Circle member- Candace Pelfry
      2nd place:
Cake Mini Machine- Tanya Stilwel
Cake Mini Machine Circle Member - Janet Kilgo
      3rd Place: (I'm a softie)
New Cuttlebug Machine - Melody Stahl
New Cuttlebug Machine Circle Member - Karen Adamczyk
      Honorable mentions - New Disney Classics Cartridge
Dawn Gains
Lisa Burns
      Random winners of the 50 Cricut gift cards-
Elizabeth West
Leslie Fisher

Thank you Pricilla England for leaving some general nice supportive comments throughout the contest.... For that You win an IMAGINE machine.

  Thank you ALL who voted for me!!  I did a drawing as well for a $20 gift card. I wanted to PASS ON my winning to one of the supportive people who helped me. I wrote everyone's name down and  the winner was announced on my FACE BOOK page.... CARLA RAMSEY!!!   

  Now that this contest is over I hope to be back to crafting and updating my blog more. Thank you all for being so patient during this HECTIC week!!! 

    Hugs...  Tanya