Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jinger Adams ..

  WOW!!! The contest on Jinger Adam's Face Book page is off with a GREAT start!! She is certainly getting close to her goal of 5000 " LIKES". I decided I would try to win this contest, or at least give it a good try.  I am soo excited about the support I have received from so many people!!   Jinger posted this on her Face Book 24 hours ago :  "

So here are a few of the people who are in the running for the 1st and 2nd prizes. Written in no particular order, Kimi Cremer, Candace Pelfry, Tanya Stilwell, Janet Kilgo, Karen Adamczyk, Catherine Serra, Dawn Gaines, Lupe Ortiz. If I didnt list your name no worries, there is still alot of time to send friends and win, You have until Jan. 14th    "  

  Thank you ALL for your help!!!  I am still hoping I will have help for the next few days to keep me in the running.  I will do a drawing for a $20 gift card IF I WIN!!!  The card can be for any place the winner would like!!! Nope, not just a crafty place online!!! So, if you helped me out and are not a crafter and you win my drawing ( IF I WIN) you can choose Walmart or Target or some other place I have here locally. :)  I am soo excited and thankful for ALL YOUR HELP!!! So.. PLEASE send your friends to help me out!! I'd LOVE to win and I'd LOVE to pass the win on to someone else as well!!! How awesome is that?? 




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