Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well, I've had alot going on lately and my creativity has definitely been challenged as well. (this is a good thing)  My hubby's daughter graduated and I wanted to make her something to remind her that although her "comfy" level has definitely changed... don't be afraid to FLY!!  Taking chances and learning new things is part of it. I want her to know that we all have to start somewhere and as long as she TRIES it.. she won't regret not trying it. So.. here is the canvas I made her. 

My friend, Tracy, even featured my canvas on her blog!!!  Be sure to go check out her blog. She has inspired me to spread my wings and FLY!!  As a crafter, we often get in a rut. We get tired of the same ole thing and look for something more. Let me tell you... Tracy has challenged me to reach outside my comfort level and try something new. Guess what... I'm LOVIN it!!! She has Ustream classes on Monday nights at 9Est... be sure to come check her out. Wanna see last night's class?? Here is her blog post and she also has the recording there >>> HERE   ...  Ok.. So last night when Tracy gave us the quote challenge, Tracy said she didn't care HOW the quote was used. See, some people may not like canvas and prefers cards.. or even layouts.. well, here's how I used the quote. **Hubby was not harmed during the writing of this quote**
Yes, I have the BESTEST hubby in the world!!!  Notice the sun burn!!!!  

Well, thanks for stopping by and please go visit Tracy's blog. She is totally inspiring and always FUN!!!  Don't forget ... be creative.. try something new... have fun!!! 

Happy Crafting!! 


Boni said...

I love you both you gotta be the cutest couple lol ....You are rockin Tanya :)

Eileen Fields said...

Lol!! Nice quote! Interesting canvas!! What a good sport ur hubbie is!

eiyiyi said...

Hi Tanya, love the canvas, it's beautiful! and thanks for the "eye candy"!!!! What a good sport your honey is. hugs to you, eileen

v said...

Yeah! Tanya! That's awesome!

~Vanessa W

Christy said...

I really love that canvas! What a good sport your hubby is! :)

Zeni said...

Really love the canvas for Tasha. She's going to absolutely love it! and dear hubby was truly a good sport! I'm glad you are experimenting with other means of creativity! :)