Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ONE shot in life

Hi again.. two posts in one day.. I know right!! LOL 

So, I told you earlier about the "CREATIVE DARE" handed down by Tracy right?? Well, as I watched her show, I was also working on my contribution to the challenge. Those who were not there, Tracy logged on a bit early and showed us a bit about Gellatos.. I bought some from Michaels and soo wanted to know the difference between these and watercolor crayons... so, Tracy drug her gellatos out and gave a quick class. Well, as I colored and sprayed and wiped.. I was getting excited. Then I drug out the calligraphy pen and the black ink and went to town separating the stripes. oh.. you don't see that in the pic... keep reading!!  The disaster comes VERY soon.. hehe  So.. I'm adding little touches and as OCD as I am, I see a spot of red gellato in the white section and here comes the disaster.. The baby wipe I TRIED to use to touch up the white... well, I drug it though the NOT DRY black in and the red gellato on the canvas!!! YES!!!  I totally messed it up and was ready to toss it!!  Well.. I didn't toss it.. I used oh.. about 10 more baby wipes and wiped down the whole thing!!!  Funny thing is.. I had NO CLUE the red would stain!!!  THIS was exciting as I wiped and wiped!!!  I wiped faster and faster ready to see what was under the disaster I created. Imagine.. red and black smeared all over an 8X10 canvas.. ughh   So.. I got it all wiped down and of course missed half of the chat... but LOVED the canvas I was left with!!! Who knew?? So.. what do you think about my disaster turned gorgeous??  

 I LOVE how "dull" the red is!!  The blue heart pops and although my writing isn't the best.. I do like it written in white!!  So.. see how a disaster can turn LOVELY!! I wish I had taken photos of it during the hot mess!!!  

So.. want to be inspired??  Need a challenge??  Go visit Tracy's Blog and let her inspire you!!! You won't be disappointed!! 

So.. go get creative.. try something new.. and don't be afraid of mistakes!!!  I LOVE this mistake!!! 

Happy Crafting!! 



Boni said...

You write beautifully and I love the happy ending .... that's how techniques are born <3

Christy said...

I love how it turned out!!!! Sometimes our biggest disasters teach us something new we never would have found otherwise. :) :)

Zeni said...

This is beautiful! I'm so glad you shared this with us. It really did turn out perfect! I think you just made up your own technique!!!

Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos said...

LOVE how this came about!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful! I also love how the red is muted

Mary Friederichsen said...

I think it is amazing! I love it when a hot mess turns into something better than you had Invisioned in the first place! :D