Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kathy's Cozies

Hello ya'll. :)  Welcome back. 
I hope you all are doing well and are staying safe. We have had more tornado warnings and flooding this week than I ever remember!!! I am sooo scared of lightning and tornadoes it is NOT funny!! So, when a warning is sent, I am HIDING!!!  Last night we had another round of tornadoes and more to come today.  So, I thought I would share a product and a blog today. :)  

A couple months ago I was introduced to Kathy. She makes covers for just about ANYTHING!!!  I saw a fabric she had on her Face Book page so I contacted her right away about making covers for my Expression and my Imagine. She was soo nice and was excited to get started.  I was shocked only a week later to have the cozies in my hand!!!  She does AWESOME work!!  I then contacted her for cozies for my Cricut Cake, Cuttlebug, and my daughter's Nook!!! Yep.. Not long later.. we got them!!! Kathy does SUPERB work and does all the quilting on them. She uses the best fabric and can do whatever color you like. She has a TON of photos on her Face Book page to look at and maybe request. 
So, If you are in the market for a HIGH QUALITY cover for your machines.. You can't go wrong with Kathy!!  Tell her I sent ya ;)  Here are a couple pics of my machines. :)  
My Cricut Imagine


 Cricut Cake Mini

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to stop by anytime!!!  Go visit Kathy.. you WON'T be disappointed!! 


Misty said...

Hang in there Tanya! Colleen is afraid too, & I worry for a friend in Arkansas.I have admired Kathy's work for awhile. Wish she had Hummingbirds...LOL! But the black & white is nice,for the CricutE & Cuttlebug. My kitchen, where I craft, is black & white. Well, no matter, I can't afford either one.
Stay safe.
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Nati Tristan said...

Prayers that the tornadoe warning stop! But wow! Those are some fun fun fun covers! Wonderful way to take care of our "need to have" machines!

Lovebug Creations said...

I love the covers!! So very pretty! Hope the storms end soon! Til then keep hiding!! :)

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Those are beautiful!

I have been watching the news and praying for all of you are in the path of those terrible storms. I am really hoping the storms come to an end soon.

Scrappy Zeni said...

I so want one for my imagine!!! TFS!

Audrey Frelx said...

Your friend made a beautiful cozy, Tanya!

I'm praying your weather takes a turn for the better soon!!! And, I'm praying for everyone's safety!!!

Pearl Maple said...

Those weather warnings are scary
Do like those cozy covers, very cute and colorful

myapyapooh said...

love the fabric used to make your covers. Thanks for sharing

~Chris~ said...

Hope you are safe and the Weather will stay calm. Cute Fabric for the Covers..

Tanya said...

I did not make the covers. :) Kathy, Kathy's Cozies, is the genius!! You can click her name in the blog post to go to her blog and facebook page. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!!