Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey everyone!! Welcome back to my lil bloggy space. Lately I've had ALOT of computer issues and have NOT been able to use my laptop!! :( Grrr.. So, here I am on the desk top we call the DINOSAUR. I was looking through some old photos and just thinking back to when they were taken. WOW!! It is totally AMAZING how fast our children grow up!! So, I thought I would share a few photos of my kiddos when they were LITTLE!!!
First up is my lil COLTON. He was born Nov. 17, 2007 and was a real chunky monkey!! His lil feet were so fat I could hardly find shoes to fit the lil booger!!!



Colton's FIRST birthday Party!!
WOW... I'm about in tears looking back at how fast time has gone by. You can scroll down to an older post and see him NOW.. pic taken at his FIRST T-Ball practice!!! 

Next, My BEAUTIFUL daughter Candace. I don't have as many photos of her on here as she is 14 and back then, digital photos wasn't an option. ;) I did scan a few I had near to show you.
Candace was born Jan.9, 1997


1-9-1998.. 1st Birthday
7-2000  FIRST hair cut
5-2002 (notice the LONG hair)


3-2009 ( wearing pink)
"Dear Edwina" School Musical

Well, that is about all the "old" photos I have of my kiddos on this "DINOSAUR" desk top. I hope you enjoyed watching my kiddos grow through the photos as well. When was the last time you dug through old photos and took a walk down memory lane??
Thanks again for stopping in and hope you come back SOON!! Remember>> The "All Creatures Great and Small" Blog Hop starts TOMORROW... FRIDAY!!!  Hope you will stop in.
See ya soon!!
Happy Crafting!!


Jan said...

I was just thinking the other day about how many photos are on our dinosaur and I should print and scrap them. I did a LO yesterday of my son at age 3~he's now 17 and in college.

I also found some Easter photos of my kids when my daughter was about 2 (now 13) and my son was 6. It still feels like they were babies just yesterday. I am so happy I have scrapbooks to reminisce with. TFS.

Lovebug Creations said...

Awwww.....such cuties!!! Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing with us!!! It's amazing how fast they grow...and wow....Candace's hair was crazy long!!! Both such beauties...I know they get it from their momma! :)

Big hugs

TeresaK said...

Your kids are so cute! Enjoyed seeing them "grow up"! Nice to "meet" you too!! Thanks for following me!!

Susan said...


Thanks for sharing this with us. Your children are beautiful. Yes, they do grow too fast. My youngest started Drivers Ed today. It seems like yesterday when I was putting him in his little car seat and now here he is going to be driving.

Happy hopping Friday!