Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper Cake Video and WINNERS of BOTH BLOG HOPS!!!

   Hello ya'll!! Welcome back!! 
First, I want to thank you ALL for stopping by my blog for the blog hops this past weekend. I was in my FIRST ever on Friday ( Creatures Great and Small) and then again Saturday ( Kimi's 28 Candles). 
The WINNER for the Creatures Great and Small hop is:
said :  "Love the colors you used"
The WINNERS of the 28 Candles Blog Hop are :
Teresa Collins Trim :    #8  SCRAPNATIC
said : "Very nice project!! Thanks for sharing!!"

Teresa Collins Stamp:  #64  jengd
said :  "I love that cake, banner and ribbon! I haven't seen anything like the cake before. And your card is a riot!"

Thank YOU ALL for hopping in and I will contact you via your blogs. You will have 1 week to respond and I will draw another winner!!!

 I am AMAZED at the responses I got about the cake. WOW!! Who would have thought right??  I DID make a FAST tutorial explaining how to do it. Yes, FAST bc you will be shocked at how simple it is!!! If there are ANY questions.. PLEASE PLEASE ask me!! I will be sure to get back with you ASAP!! 
I do want to clarify a couple things first... The bottom layer is from 1 piece of paper cut into 3 strips that are 4" by 12". So, yes, the bottom is 3 pieces of paper. The next up layer is 3" by 12". YES.. that makes 4 pieces, but only use 3!!! EACH layer of the cake contains only 3 pieces put together. The TOP layer is 2" by 12" ... YES, that makes MORE than you need for ONE layer, but is PERFECT for a few layers. I hope this makes sense!!  Again, if you need anything clarified.. PLEASE let me know!!!  
OK.. keep in mind I am NOT a video person so... this is NOT edited. :)  You get the REAL thing. hehe.. and... I'm a Kentucky girl and am "TWANGY" ..  hehe.. 

 So, is it THAT bad??
Hopefully this helped some of you. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions.  I would LOVE to see your creations as well. When you make one, please stop by and let me know and I'd LOVE to go visit your blog.
Thanks again for stopping by!! 
Happy Crafting!!


kricketts said...

love your video! I can't wait to try and make a cake! Thank you for sharing!

Lori said...

You are so blessed cute...I loved your video and I loved your twang it's perfect. Thanks for sending me the link...Hugs

Pamela Pattison Lash said...

What a wonderful tutorial - now I can put a voice to you......LOL......seriously, a grand way to showcase a beautiful project! TFS!
Mama LoveBug aka Pam

Pammejo said...

Cute, cute project, thanks for the tutorial!

Lovebug Creations said...

First of all I could listen to you all day! ;) Great video!! I think you did a fantastic job of explaining everything! Love when you "lost us" totally blooper reel material!! tee-tee-dee! ;)

Big hugs

Misty said...

I Loved it!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Scrappy Zeni said...

this is a great video! I hope to be able to make one soon! :) tee tee dee!!!!!

Kerry--Momma K said...

Great video. I love this project.

BunnyFreak said...

Thanks for the video. Very excited about blog hop win.

Anniebee said...

You're so cute, Tanya! I love listening to you too! You did a great job on the video as well as on the project. I got a MS scoreboard on sale at Michaels for $10 (got it with a gift card... yay!) and have been wanting to use it so something like this would be perfect. I love accordion-folded rosettes. Thanks for doing this for us!


kathlee said...

Fantastic job Tanya! You're a natural and I LOVE that Kentucky "twang"!

WhichCraft-Liz said...

hi! Finally got around to seeing this. I'm going to try making something similar. Will post when its done. My favorite part of the video is the word "thing a ma boppers" lmao! Too cute. Thanks for the tutorial!!

Congrats to the winners!